Message for November

Hello everyone, it’s that time of the month again!

Wow, this month… in fact this whole year has flown. We’ve had moments of flying high through the clouds, and others where we’ve travelled through the deepest pits. Yet we’re still here, we’ve survived and in a lot of cases we’ve had parts of ourselves revealed that we didn’t know existed.

As you can see, I am eager to get straight into this connection today. So let’s dive in…

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October has been a hustle of activity, yet many of us have also found valuable moments within it. The scaffolding of our belief system has been crumbling in recent weeks, which triggered quite a raucous with our communications and tests of our actual truth. Many of us have spent serious time focusing on breaking down our limiting beliefs, which then leads to a restoring of our truth. These types of lessons can be quite confronting and uncomfortable - and can impact connections we have with others if clear and honest communication wasn’t happening before. We ended the month in a flurry of chaos and change, and are looking for moments to process what’s happened.

Let’s look ahead now into November. I’ve laid out some cards for this time period. Remember this is a guide only.

The first week of November is likely to be powerful and heightened. We’ll need to manage our time well so we don’t burn out or waste the high energy we would do well to work with. Our biggest block this week will likely be the limiting beliefs we continue to resist confronting.

The second week of November might find us focusing on a potential holiday / break. There is an efficient energy present this week, so we may find the things we’re focusing on seem to happen with relative ease. Many of us will enjoy a much welcomed settling and calming energy this week too.

During the third week of this month we’re being encouraged to ensure we are balanced within our body, mind and emotions. Any imbalances in our life may be highlighting our own inner imbalance. The Earth Dragon inspires a changing and reforming of our physical life this week.

The last week of November is full of potential abundance and good flow. We may have some extra finances this week and notice an array of opportunities we want to contemplate taking action on. Let’s be careful not to be too negative this week though and close ourselves off to the beautiful flow of abundance which is possible.

The theme energy for November is focused around the resources we are gathering and collecting - this is likely to be connected with our finances, however can also include tools, information, items, food and we may also be gathering experience. While some of us may notice this all working for us, others of us may feel like our resources are on hold. If this is the case, we can remind ourselves that this is a temporary state. November also sees a rise in our self confidence.

If you enjoy the way I connect and share my guidance, you may like my weekly Current Energy Reports. They are available to my Pillar of Light Family - which is a great way to connect deeper with my work. If you’d LOVE to learn more, please see the link below.

Ceramics Update: After 8 months since the fire destroyed my ceramics workshop, I am literally only a few days away from being able to turn my new kiln on. I’ve spent the bulk of this last 8 months making, building and experimenting with porcelain. It’s been a long and expensive rebuilding project that I am looking forward to being able to put into action next week. Keep an eye out for my new kiln openings, creations and the launch of my new ceramics dedicated website soon.

We have a couple of spaces available at our next Tasmania Healing Retreat. The group is kept small, we stay on site with you and we fill the days with much healing. It happens for a week in Feb 2020. Please see the link below if you’d LOVE to learn more.

If it wasn’t for your support, participation and sharing, Temple of Balance wouldn’t be here. Thank you for your support over the years and for your anticipated support to keep us going.

Thank you for connecting,

Much LOVE,

Lee-Anne Peters


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