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I trust this message finds you happy and well, and if it doesn’t perhaps take a deep breath and feel the LOVE pouring into you as you read.

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What a high-speed, dramatic and hectic month April has been. On reflection - when we think back to the person we were when we started the month to the person we are today - we have changed - in fact much has changed. But these changes have been in surprising ways. Ideas, thoughts and what we know today is very different from those things we knew or wanted just one month ago. Many of us have been experiencing a time of rapid growth, discovery and learning which has pushed us into brand new territory.

I’ve laid out some cards for May - let’s see the potential. Remember this is a guide only.

The first week of May is all about manifesting a deeper and more significant sense of personal purpose. We’ve been contemplating such things throughout April and these intentions will become more important this week. We’re also being encouraged to get back into the important parts of our life again.

The second week of May brings with it indecision - and we’re encouraged to feel deeply on what is best for us, allow clarity to make its way into our life and take a short (or longer) mental break to help us understand the situation from a new perspective. There will be much to ponder and consider this week.

By the third week of this month some of us will be engaged in a very important meeting or gathering with more than two people. Much will be discussed around our future and what we want to do with the next year or two of our life. New pathways are opening up this week - we have options.

The final week of May sees us walk through a ‘battlefield’ (challenge) with the support from others. We must remember this week that we are not alone and we are moving through the challenge. We’re encouraged to get completely focused and serious about what we’re doing and the facts as they are presented instead of jumping to conclusions.

Our theme message for May is to consider alternative options - let’s not just go for the one option that we see first - there may be better approaches to take. Also we’re being urged to stay optimistic. Now is not the time to think the worst, but be hopeful and trusting that things will work out.

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Events coming up in Melbourne and Hobart: Melbourne - we’ll see you for my popular ‘Spiritual Surgery Practitioner’s Course’ on Sat 15th of June - and the following day for the ‘Shamanic Healing Day’. Hobart, the ‘Spiritual Surgery Practitioner’s Course’ will take place on Sat 27th of July. You can book your seat to any of the above events on the link below - there are a few tickets left at this time - around 10 for each event.

Our Feb 2020 Tasmania Healing Retreat tickets have opened. At this stage we are down to the last four tickets - as I have capped the retreat at a max of ten to keep it intimate and personal. More details on the link below…

I am currently working on the second deck of Healing Energy Cards - Healing Energy Cards 2. This new deck is manifesting very quickly and with much momentum. You can follow its creation on our facebook page - see below.

My original Healing Energy Cards decks are also being overhauled and upgraded. The current stock (ed2) have been reduced to make the way for this (and the HEC2) new decks. These will be coming in 2020.

As usual there is a lot of stuff happening,

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Much LOVE always,

Lee-Anne Peters


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