Message for March - sent with LOVE

… and before we know it’s March! Happy New Month!

I’m sitting here, tying up some things for today and am eagerly waiting to play with my new Healing Energy Cards 1 & 2 decks - which surprisingly arrived today - 10 x days early!!! More on these below….

I bring this message to you around the beginning of each month, along with some updates and what’s happening at Temple of Balance. I have pulled some cards for each week in March below.


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February has been jam-packed from start to finish. We squeezed a lot into the second month, and then some more. In turn we’ve made quite a bit of progression and advancement in various areas of our life. Some of us reminisced about times past, and may have reconnected with relatives or friends we haven’t seen for some time. Tests arose throughout February, and we may have wondered why something was coming up again because we had already resolved it. If we did feel this way it likely highlights a period of initiation for us in February - to test and see whether we really had learned that lesson. Many of us experienced substantial change, massive breakthrough, huge healing and deep connections.


I have laid out some cards for March - let’s see what they say…

The first week of March shows action, as we give ourselves permission to close old doors and open some new ones. This will likely be a good week to spend time reconnecting with our heart.

During the second week of March we may need to gather support around us. This will likely be quite a strong week of change, with events occurring that may not make complete sense to us at the time.

The third week of March may present an opportunity for us to springboard and move ourselves and our life to the next level. Our schedule and routine may be under the spotlight, and we’re reminded to cooperate with any plan changes this week.

The final week of this month highlights our spirituality and making time for those spiritual things that help us stay connected. There is a lot of support around us this week as we’re reminded to continue to reassure ourselves that everything will be okay.

Our theme for March is about rejuvenating ourselves and our relationships through; making time, our breath, love and getting serious about any mental break we need that may be long overdue. A new perspective is in order and a general break from some things may be needed.

If you’d LOVE me to do a video reading for you for the upcoming month ahead (April), please have a look on my patreon website - link below.

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HEALING ENERGY CARDS UPDATE - Healing Energy Cards 1 (upgraded original deck) and Healing Energy Cards 2 (new - stand alone expansion) have literally just arrived here a couple of hours ago! We will start packing pre orders very soon - and these will be posted out on or before the 16 March. The launch for my new decks is scheduled for Saturday 11 March on my Healing Energy Cards Facebook Page (see below). The cards are incredibly clear, bright and as usual with previous editions - are full of incredible energy! Pre orders remain open until the end of 11 March.


CARD READING CLUB - our next online session will take place on Fri 17th March and is focused around our theme: Finding Purpose. You can find out more details on the link below.


ONLINE ART CLASS  - our next online art class / art therapy session / deep healing event will also be taking place on Fri 17th March. Our theme is ‘Acceleration’. I look forward to diving into this with you. If you’d LOVE to participate, the details are below.


CERAMICS - My electrician is starting works here tomorrow, and I should have three-phase power hooked up by the end of this month (all going well). I am working towards firing new works for my website, and, a public opening of my studio for pottery classes, art, Temple of Balance themed activities and more in spring (Sept / Oct).


TEMPLE OF BALANCE celebrates 20yrs - Date Keeper - Feb 2025 - in Tasmania, Australia and some online celebrations. Stay tuned for details on events, gatherings, exhibitions and other celebrations.

May your March be mysterious and meaningful,

Lee-Anne Peters


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