Message for June - sent with LOVE

Good morning, I trust you are feeling well at this time, and if you aren’t - sending you lots of LOVE and I trust you feel in better flow very soon.

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May seems like weeks ago. It was another high-flying / high-speed month with many important situations rising. We became clearer about who we are and what we want in our life. Things began to manifest which had been on hold or undergoing a rebuild, and some of us experienced urgent matters to deal with and process. All in all May was a fiery, harsh, grateful and solid month.

I’ve laid out some cards for June - let’s see the potential. Remember this is a guide only.

The first week of June sees us needing some quiet and private time to mend, heal and reflect on where we are going in our life. Some of us may need this private time to think about how to navigate our way through an obstacle. Our heart will likely feel full and open this week as passion is revived.

During week two of June some of us will step forward and into our role as a leader. Our communication will be important as we trust in what we need to express and deliver it in a simple, honest and understandable way. There is a balance between leadership and vulnerability coming through for this week.

In the third week of June we’re being encouraged to remain alert and take action. We will notice the opportunity to make our move and claim it! Acceptance may be important for some of us this week as we find a way to accept parts of our life which we have been rejecting lately, or that haven’t turned out the way we hoped.

The last week of June brings emphasis to our family commitments. Family and feeling a sense of belonging in our life will likely be an important strength for us to tap into. Our patience may be tested this week, so we may need to exercise patience and tolerance. This is not the week to give up on something which is slow moving, but to stay focused and keep going.

Our theme for June is to continue clearing and purging our personal and private issues. We will need to dig deeply into our hidden and quiet being to uncover and release such things. Let’s clear out those inner and private cobwebs. There is a ‘slowness’ to the energy for June. We will need to wait on things, let ourselves move slowly at times and take this time to ponder, reach into ourselves and discover more about who we are.

You can stay up-to-date with the current energy as it happens via my Current Energy Reports - coming to you every Monday during June. If you’d LOVE to learn more about becoming a Pillar of Light Member (or Patron) - please see the link below.

Events coming up in Melbourne (next weekend) and Hobart: Melbourne - we’ll see you for my popular ‘Spiritual Surgery Practitioner’s Course’ on Sat 15th of June - and the following day for the ‘Shamanic Healing Day’. Hobart, the ‘Spiritual Surgery Practitioner’s Course’ will take place on Sat 27th of July. You can book your seat to any of the above events on the link below. Last minute bookings are welcome.

Our Feb 2020 Tasmania Healing Retreat tickets are open. If you’d LOVE to consider attending and learn more about our retreat, you can find more details on the link below…

I am working on an overhaul of my original Healing Energy Cards, and a new Healing Energy Cards 2 - with brand new cards. These two decks can be merged together, as HEC2 cards will number on from HEC1 (eg. HEC1 cards are  numbered 1-55. HEC2 cards are numbers 56-110.) All info and updates are shared on my Healing Energy Cards facebook page as they happen.

Tasmanians - I will be having a stall this coming weekend (8 & 9 June) at the New Age Festival in Hobart (Derwent Entertainment Centre). Runs from 10am - 4pm if you are in the area and would LOVE to stop by.

There are a lot of new blogs and videos shared most days on my website.

Wishing you a fantastic month ahead,

Much LOVE always,

Lee-Anne Peters


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