Message for July - sent with LOVE

Happy July!!

I trust this message finds you well.

Below you will find my messages for this month ahead and some things that are happening at Temple of Balance.


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June was quite an eye-opening month with either ‘great’ or ‘dark’ situations affecting us very directly. For those of us living through the ‘dark’ – we’ve had to find patience and a way to move our way through these tests. For those of us living through ‘great’ situations, we’ve also needed to find patience and a steady pace through. Most of us have had to find a method of approach and method of logistics that works for us and the situation. Many of us feel ‘mind blown’ by the scope of the ‘greatness’ or ‘darkness’ that has moved to the fore - with us either saying ‘how could things get any better than this?’ or ‘nothing could be as worse as this!’ They are opposites; however, they are also related in a very deep and circular / cyclic way.


I have laid out some cards for July - let’s see what they say…

During the first week of July we may be inclined to ‘spring clean’ and deeply purge aspects of our life. Some toxic or unhealthy things (including our own attitude) may benefit from looking into and releasing what does not align with our highest truth.

The second week of July highlights that an ‘epiphany’ could be likely as something clicks into place and we see / understand it at a deeper level. This is also a great time to look more closely at the purpose (or lack thereof) that we may be feeling. Is there something we can learn or study? Are we being called to step up and lead the way forward in our life?

The third week potentially brings through a perspective shift and an upgrade of sorts. Something wants to elevate up to the next level, and the key to accessing that this week might be our willingness to look at things differently and see aspects of our life from other angles.

The final week of July suggests that we focus on our strengths and the more ‘capable’ parts of our personality and skills. This will likely help us stay focused during this time of upliftment, The ‘fire works’ are going off and there is like a cause for celebration.

The theme energy highlights communication and the heart. Speaking up, expressing ourselves and honesty may be especially valuable this month to help us reconnect with our heart. To reconnect with our heart is to reconnect to the truth of who we are – this is where love and truth unite.

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TEMPLE OF BALANCE TURNS 20!! The time has now come where I can let you know that details are available for a series of art, healing and spiritual-leaning events throughout the month of February 2025 in Tasmania, Australia. We have an Intensive Art Project Workshop, Vision Quest, Gathering with card reading & sound healing, Spirit Guide Drawing Workshop and an Intensive Healing Workshop coming. Details of all of this can be viewed on the link below. Tickets will be available at 10am Sydney time (GMT+10) on Sunday 7th July.


CARD READING CLUB - our next online session will take place on Thu 11th July and is focused around our theme: ‘owning our position’. You can find out more details on the link below.


ONLINE ART CLASS - our next online art class will occur as usual on Fri 12th July. We’re continuing on our chakra series (7 part). This class we’ll be exploring the much anticipated heart chakra – love of self, others and all of creation. Come to some or all within this series. Details on this below.


VISIT MY STUDIO - you can visit my studio by appointment now, and I am also offering my healing and art services in person at Campbell Town, Tasmania. If you are visiting Tasmania in the future, let me know dates and we can tee up a gathering, event or private session to coincide with your visit at a time that suits us both.


ART & CRAFT GROUP – Campbell Town, Tasmania – this is a community group that meets on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd Tuesday in the month, and the 4th Saturday. More details in the Facebook Group: Campbell Town Art & Craft Group.


Have a wonderful July,

Thank you for your ongoing support that has helped us get to 20yrs!!

Lee-Anne Peters


Birthday Events – Feb 2025 – Details:

Main website - (Healing Energy Cards, online art class, and card reading club, are here on the home page).

Ceramics website - (Studio Opening, and Studio events).

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