Message for July - sent with LOVE

Happy July!

I trust this message finds you at a reasonably good place in your life. If you are struggling I hope you will feel some of the support I am offering you within this message.

Below you will find my messages for this month ahead and some things that are happening at Temple of Balance.


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June has flashed by quicker than perhaps any month on record. Where on Earth has the month gone? The month started intensely, as some of us said goodbye to people in our life, reunited with people we haven’t seen for a very long time, and then did our best to get our feet back on the ground again. Sickness took hold for some of us and those in our care for the majority of June - meaning we had others to care for, and perhaps even ourselves too as activities in our life needed to pause for a period of time. We’ve been giving serious consideration to our future plans - especially towards the last part of 2023 and beyond.


I have laid out some cards for July - let’s see what they say…

The first week of July brings a highlight to music, song, sound and tuning ourselves in again. We may find ourselves re-tuning ourselves to others (renewed relationships), and our spiritual and physical interests. This is a great week to take steps to get back into alignment, as this will likely uplift us.

During the second week of July relationships, especially those closest and most important to us are highlighted. There is great energy for rekindling or reconnecting with others this week and giving this high priority. It requires our effort to maintain all relationships for we must keep communication open, stay connected and spend time together where possible.

The third week of July brings a heightened sensitivity and a need to consider how well, or not so well we are in our flow. This will likely be a sensitive and emotional week, however also a potentially heightened mental week for good focus, clarity and thinking things through.

The final week of July brings further focus to communication and how we are expressing ourselves - are we doing this as well as we could be? Our communication strengths, but also our communication weaknesses maybe under the spotlight this week. All external communication issues may urge us to look at how well, or not so well we are listening to and communicating with ourselves.

The theme energy for this week emphasizes and encourages us to make time to spend with our family and people who we care about this month. We all know that times flies by and before we know it people are gone or things have changed. Let’s put extra effort in this month to spend time with people we love - we can work our time out around this. We’re encouraged to stay optimistic this month.

For more current energy updates throughout July, you may like to consider becoming a Pillar of Light Member.


PATREON RESOURCES - I’ve started this month with a revamp to some of my Temple of Balance Patreon resources, including adding more private support videos for Patreons. Also, for this month I have opened a new pledge level for a monthly Zoom Meetup, with its primary focus being around Aura Drawing and teaching you how to tune into your energy for this. I only require at least one person to sign up for it to continue past July. DIRECT LINK:


CARD READING CLUB - our next online session will take place on Fri 14h July and is focused around our theme: Creative Expression. You can find out more details on the link below.


ONLINE ART CLASS  - our next online art class will also be taking place on Fri 14th July. We’re starting a 4 x part ‘Self Exploration’ Series - especially studying self, through self portraits - both abstract and detailed. This will contain technical information and then a discussion about ‘how we see ourselves’ - as seen through the portrait we create. Details on this below.


ART STUDIO / CERAMICS - Currently I am not making new ceramic works as my studio (inside and out) is undergoing renovations over winter / spring. I’m working towards a grand opening of my studio space, which in the future will include: open days, classes, workshops, events and more. Opening later in the year in Campbell Town, Tasmania.


- 3-21 Aug - Group ceramics exhibition, Sidespace Gallery, Salamanca Arts Centre, Hobart, Tasmania.
- 28 Feb-4 Mar 2024 - Solo painting & sculptural exhibition: Initiation: into the unknown; Social Gallery, Salamanca Arts Centre, Hobart, Tasmania.


DATE KEEPER - Temple of Balance turns 20! - Feb 2025 - series of workshops, classes, retreats and events in Tasmania, and some online.


Have a wonderful month of July!

Thank you for reading,

Lee-Anne Peters


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