Message for January - sent with LOVE

Happy New Year!!

I trust you are off on the ‘right’ foot for 2024. Often this is not an action - although it could be, it is most likely an attitude.

If we can start off on the right foot, then the momentum has a good chance of building up from there. Can you improve your self belief? Can you find gratitude in the little things? Can you find moments of peace and stillness?

Below you will find my messages for this month ahead and some things that are happening at Temple of Balance.


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December zoomed by quicker than ever as we tied up loose ends, and completed our ‘fast-tracked’ learning period preparing us for things unknown at this point. We said our goodbye’s, figured out how to manage conflict and discord. We dove deeply, felt deeply and supported deeply. Some of us shifted deep family and ancestral wounds, and aligned further with the truth of who we are. We have likely enjoyed some down-time as we tied up the year - as we caught our breath, created a future plan and allowed our body to recover.


I have laid out some cards for January - let’s see what they say…

The first week of January is off to a rocket of a start with the Spirit Dragon showing us that the energy is uplifting, our connections are strong, and we may even have the Midas Touch this week. We’re being encouraged to take each day as it comes, however use every day to focus on finding a way to carve out this new path for ourselves.

The second week in January is likely highly productive as we potentially work together with others on a common project or interest. There is the potential of a perspective shift this week too as we open up to the possibility of seeing things differently.

During the third week of January we may need to consider alternative options for the long-term / year. Some of what we thought might see us through will likely change or alter. This may be disappointing, especially if we had expectations attached to this. Something else, and something better will open up. Home will likely be supportive for us to contemplate this.

The final week of January reminds us to stand our ground, be patient, and assertive when needed. We likely have the opportunity to clear our filters and issues further, while remaining aware at the same time. This may be a confronting week on the communication front.

The theme for January is that we will likely have a decision to make, and it may take a little bit for us to find the clarity on it. When the clarity arrives we will likely feel untied from potential limitations and restrictions, and will be free to follow our own wild creative spirit into the unknown. Our skin is thick and our boundaries are strong so let’s not allow other’s negativity to pull us down this month.

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CARD READING CLUB - our next online session will take place on Fri 12th January and is focused around our theme: ‘elevating our vision’. You can find out more details on the link below.


ONLINE ART CLASS - our next online art class will also be taking place on Fri 12th January. We’re continuing our ‘Self Discovery Series’ (5 part). This third one is themed around the element of ‘water’. Come to some or all within this series. Details on this below.


VISIT MY STUDIO - you can visit my studio by appointment now, and I am also open to offering my healing and art services in person at Campbell Town, Tasmania. If you are visiting Tasmania in the future, let me know dates and we can tee up a gathering, event or private session to coincide with your visit at a time that suits us both.


- 28 Feb-4 Mar 2024 - Solo painting & sculptural exhibition: Initiation: into the unknown; Social Gallery, Salamanca Arts Centre, Hobart, Tasmania.


DATE KEEPER - Temple of Balance turns 20! - Feb 2025 - series of workshops, classes, retreats and events in Tasmania, and some online. Details for the major events will be out mid 2024!


Have a wonderful year!

Thanks very much for your support,

Lee-Anne Peters


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