Message for January - sent with LOVE

Happy New Year!

May your journey into 2023 be harmonious, healthy and healing.

I bring this message to you around the beginning of each month, along with some updates and what’s happening at Temple of Balance. I have pulled some cards for each week in January below.


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We made a lot of personal ‘progress’ in December as we seriously closed old doors, took a much need break and received the information we needed to proceed. Some of us had opportunities fall into our lap and we rebooted something that had stopped for a while. December was quite a practical month for many of us as we could see the progress, change and efforts we’ve been making. We had deep interactions with others and likely felt that we had a lot to appreciate.


I have laid out some cards for January - let’s see what they say…

During the first week of 2023 many of us will likely feel ready to make a commitment - a real commitment now. This is not about just saying it but not following through. This is deciding clearly and confidently that we really are ready and that it’s time to open up and come out of our hiding place.

The second week of January may see us wanting to stop and ‘dig up the dirt’ on everything. There is a time and place for this, and it may not be this week. Let’s focus, keep going and avoid distractions. Some of us may feel highly sensitive this week as we feel our way forward.

As we move into the 3rd week of the month some of us may be learning new skills that we want to gather, hone and establish. The ‘penny may drop’ this week as something clicks into place. Let’s keep moving as best as we can.

During the final week of January we may feel like we are ‘in between’ things as we adjust from one state of being to another. Our break may be over and we have to return back to work, or children return back to school etc and we have some adjustments and new routines to get back in to. Let’s keep our boundaries strong and healthy, and avoid falling back into the same stressful trap we found ourselves in at the end of 2022.

Our theme for January is focused around communication, expression and our ability to listen to others, and ourselves. If we need to clear the air, or we made a mistake etc let’s speak up about it. These first few months are significant (Jan, Feb, Mar) in regards to being gentle with ourselves, to recognize our strengths and that we are not fragile and breakable people who could shatter at any second. We are resilient, strong, yet also caring and compassionate.

If you’d LOVE me to do a video reading for you for the upcoming month ahead (February), please have a look on my patreon website - link below.

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12hr HEALING EVENT - a one-off healing marathon focused on our theme of Phoenix Rising! If you’re inspired to, please consider joining me for a massive 12hr healing dedication to dive deeply into our theme, but also anything that shifts and stirs as we go. At this stage I am very much drawn to grounding, anchoring and bringing the new energy in very practically. It happens for me on the 10th Jan, however you can join in anytime after that date. You’ll find details below.


HEALING ENERGY CARDS PRINTING UPDATE - Healing Energy Cards (upgraded original deck) and Healing Energy Cards 2 (new - stand alone expansion): these two new decks are printed and are ready for shipping. Yay! Things are slow on the printer’s end as their country has just come out of a very long ‘lock down’. We are still waiting to hear that the cards have shipped. Once we hear that, then pre-orders will open.


CARD READING CLUB - our next online session will take place on Fri 20th Jan and is themed on RESURRECTION. We will look to the cards for guidance around what needs to be resurrected within us and our life, new beginnings and upliftment. Details below.


ONLINE ART CLASS  - our next online art class / art therapy session / deep healing event will also be taking place on Fri 20th Jan and is running with the theme of LOVE. We’ll look deeply at, and dissect the energy of LOVE from all sorts of angles. If you have an issue with LOVE and you’re ready to confront it, then this may be a good class for you. If you’d LOVE to participate, the details are below.


CERAMICS - After a productive and busy December I now have the beginnings of a functional Art Studio after over seven months since moving house. I am starting to get back into the swing of sculpting. My kiln is not hooked up to electricity yet, however will be in the coming months.


TEMPLE OF BALANCE celebrates 20yrs - Date Keeper - Feb 2025 - in Tasmania, Australia and some online. Stay tuned for details on events, gatherings, exhibitions and other celebrations.

May your 2023 be full of great and memorable experiences,

Lee-Anne Peters


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