Message for January - sent with LOVE

Happy 2019!!

I trust you ended your old year peacefully and your New Year began wonderfully. Within this message I put into it my LOVE, care and support, trusting that if you need any of that right now that you’ll feel it as you read and connect.

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December passed by as a sleepless, challenging and hectic month for many of us. It is quite a relief to have gotten through the rough seas and multi-crashing waves - and we did! We have travelled through it and have come out the other side more connected for the most part. Many of us are still implementing the wisdoms and understandings we realized after the solstice - which is setting a new course out for ourselves moving forward.

Now our focus turns to January. I’ve pulled a few cards for this new month - so let’s look and see what the guidance is (it’s a guide only)…

The first week of January looks to be a balancing act between rest and action, as a gentleness moves through as well as a passion-driven action. We may find one day we are slow-moving, and the next day we are driven. For some of us we may find our day divided up between feeling active and passive. Let’s roll with it.

During the second week of January our relationships will likely be important, as we build new ones and strengthen old ones. Over the next month the prayers that we have put out into the ethers will likely be answered - especially in regards to LOVE.

Week three of January is strong on the family front. We may have commitments to family members we follow through with. There will also be a strong authentic energy about as we allow a little more of who we are to come out of hiding and open up.

The last week in January brings much comfort and support - especially from our loved ones in spirit. We may feel a little alone or uncertain this week, so knowing we are loved will be important. There are also great changes occurring within our life as we allow stagnant parts of our physicality to reform into something spectacular.

The theme energy for this month is uplifting and strong. We have the opportunity and support to take parts of our life and ourselves to the next level - an upgrade of sorts. This upgrade will also inspire us to go to new depths within ourselves and our experience.  We are growing in our connections to ‘above’ and ‘below’ - to spirit and matter.

Stay up-to-date with the current energy as it happens via my Current Energy Reports - coming to you every Monday during January. If you’d LOVE to learn more about becoming a Pillar of Light Family Member (or Patron) - please see the link below.

The big news is, is that yesterday (1:1) I opened up the details and tickets to cities and events in our upcoming winter Australia Tour. That’s right - it’s been five years, and now it is time to get this happening again. Between May and July we have penciled in to host two events in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Hobart. On offer is my popular Spiritual Surgery Practitioner’s Course (Healing course) and my Shamanic Healing Day (learning from the wisdom of Lion, Whale and Butterfly). Now is your chance to secure your place, which will help us confirm your city. Min numbers to cover our expenses must be reached by 28 Feb or that city will be canceled. You’ve asked for it - we’ve organized it - now show us that you actually want it. See link to events / cities below.

Sydney we will be in your area on Wed 30 January to host a casual ‘meet and greet’ time in Sydney Park. Stop by for a few minutes or a few hours to chat, relax or have a hug. There is a cleansing circle happening at 11.30am if you want to participate, and opportunity for you to receive some one-on-one drumming time with me. We’d LOVE to see you there.

I’ve made a few changes to my Patreon Tiers for January. Firstly - thank you for your support through Patreon, it looks like we may have passed another milestone, I will confirm in a couple of days. The rewards changes feature some individual healing time in a private group, a more casual healing event, audio guidance for the month ahead, your own personalized meditation and private video chat time with me.

Thanks for all of your support during 2018 - you’ve helped Temple of Balance keep going and still be here - thank you.

All my LOVE and gratitude,

Lee-Anne Peters


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