Message for January 2020

Happy New Year!

I trust your journey into 2020 has been smooth sailing and you feel good so far. If you feel less than that, I trust you find some comfort from this short message from my heart to yours.

In this email you’ll find my predictions for the month ahead, and then a few things we have going on here at the moment.

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December saw much breakdown which led into breakthrough. We finished up the year working intensely on our throat, communication and reconnecting with the power and gentleness of our voice.

Let’s look ahead now into January. I’ve laid out some cards for this time period. Remember this is a guide only.

As we begin January many of us are feeling revived, alive, alert and a growing passion stirs within us. Our voice may get quite the work out this week as we are bold and daring in our communications. We’re reminded to hold our position this week - avoid naysayers or our own doubting mind, and hold true to what is right for us moving forward.

The second week of the year highlights the lunar energy and the cycles we move through in our life. We move through phases of mood, energy levels, health and body cycles - and this will be important to flow with this week - instead of rejecting them. Let’s remember to stay focused and concentrate on what we want to give our attention to - distractions may seem appealing this week.

By week three many of us will feel highly balanced, and maybe ‘high flying’. We’re looking wider and further than ever before - extending our radar and vision of who we are and are honing in on some new potentials. We may also feel highly sensitive this week, and we can work with that sensitivity to help us feel into an expanded horizon for ourselves and our future.

The last week of the month sees a potential intensity - where something we may have been avoiding or not seeing clearly in our life will be amplified. This may mean that things are blown out of proportion this week, and we’re reminded to allow things to find their natural ending so we can grow. Self LOVE, and self care time is highlighted this week too - so making time for some nurturing time may be important.

Our theme for January is a highlight over the whole month. This is a significant month for many of us in the grand scheme of things. This month we’re being encouraged to stand our ground, be assertive (but not forceful or unkind) and find the courage to clear the air as needed. This month we have an opportunity to see and perceive ourselves, others and our life from new perspectives - which can be very revealing.

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After almost 10 months since the fire and not having any new ceramics to share with you, the time has come…. This Sunday the 5th of January (at 9am Sydney time - GMT+11) I am launching over 120 ceramic creations I’ve been making all year. From smudge bowls, to cups, sculptures and jewellery. If you would LOVE to see the evolution of my ceramics 0r grab a little something for yourself or as a gift, please see my new ceramics website link below.

We’re in the last stages of retreat bookings. With only a couple of spaces left, we will be closing all bookings from the 14th Jan. If you would LOVE to spend the week with us here in Tasmania from 14-21 Feb 2020 - please take action promptly. See the link below.

Thank you for being a part of Temple of Balance in 2019 - your participation, support, sharing, feedback, and mostly the positive effects it has on you in your life - brings me much gratitude and joy.

Thank you to all Patrons and Pillar of Light Members for your regular support.

May 2020 be a prosperous, healthy, loving and adventurous year for us all,

Much LOVE,

Lee-Anne Peters


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