Message for February 2017

Welcome to February!

I trust this message finds you happy and well. If you’re struggling today I trust you find some comfort in this message for you. I endeavour to bring you these blog / email messages early in the new month. To receive them directly to your inbox please signup here: (option 2).

January moved swiftly and with much focus for many of us, as we seriously let our doubt and limitations go and aligned further with what we truly want in our life. We made monumental decisions which changed the course of our immediate and long-term future. We observed a great divide emerge in the world, and had to do our best to hold balanced in a chaotic place. As we move to the end of the January many of us feel exhausted by the marathon-style month - yet also feel much inspiration - as our creativity and new ideas spark some new enthusiasm within us.

I’ve pulled some cards to help support and give us direction for the new month of February- so let’s see (this is a guide only):

As we dive into the first week of February it looks like our passions for creating and developing our skills and talents remains hot! Teamwork is favourable as we work closely with others, but also have times of developing our skills privately. It’s time we seriously recognize our contribution and the gifts we bring to parts of our life.

The second week of February highlights relationships and connections with other people. A sense of equality, togetherness and union are strong. We may need to look at making effort in our closest and currently challenging relationships to help heal or mend any issues between us. This is a favourable week for writing and getting our ideas and plans into some sort of schedule or structure.

As we experience the third week of February some of us may feel lost and discouraged - somehow disconnected from others and our life. This is a temporary mindset and it might be helpful for us to explore and release, our mind limitations and insecurities so we can move through this phase. Spending time in nature, grounding and getting back to the basics and simplicity of life is encouraged.

Flowing into the last week of February we are urged to be patient and persistent as we contemplate our projects, goals and direction. Our time of waiting will soon be over, as changes stir things up around the home and a new routine settles into place. We may feel caught in the ‘waiting’ - yet this is valuable time to prepare and catch our breath before the energy picks up speed again.

Stay up-to-date with the current energy as it happens via my Current Energy Reports, coming to you twice weekly throughout February. You can learn more by becoming a Pillar of Light Family Member - please see the link below if you’re inspired to.

Thank you to our Temple of Balance Patrons who are able to support my work on a regular basis. We start February with 31 Temple of Balance Patrons - I am mind-blown and so very grateful - Thank you!

Don’t miss my next Distant Healing live video stream on my Facebook page on 2:2 (less than 24hrs from now). I will post the link to it directly to my website under ‘latest videos’ once it is complete. Look in my Temple of Balance Facebook page ‘events’ tab for live event details.

This month we continue to share exciting items as they’re created, like: pendants, ceramic bowls, pots & talismans, drums and I will announce my intentions regarding my next book soon.

I’m very much looking forward to welcoming five women from mainland Australia to Tasmania this month for our next week-long Tasmania Healing Retreat. Safe travels to you all and I’ll see you at Hobart airport on the 17th.

Thanks for being your unique self,

Wishing you a rewarding and healthy February,

All my LOVE,

Lee-Anne Peters

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