Message for December - sent with LOVE

Happy December!

I trust this message finds you and your family well. If things aren’t running as smoothly as you would like right now I trust you find some peace within this message to you.

Below you will find my messages for this month ahead and some things that are happening at Temple of Balance.


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November has been a huge and very full month from start to end. As difficult as some things have been things have mostly flowed well and have been very much aligned with perfect timing - right time, right place. Much has changed from the start to the end of November, and although surprising in some sense there has likely been a realization that the changes would be here before too long. Now we come to grips with the reality of our life, adjust and figure out the next chapter on our path. Some of us have already begun, while others of us are considering options and following potential leads. Reconnection is an important focus for us as the move from November to December.


I have laid out some cards for December - let’s see what they say…

The first week of December is a powerful time to clear our private issues and to break down the shell around us that we’ve been hiding behind. Spiritual energy is strong, as is the bond or connection we feel with our loved ones in spirit - who are never too far away.

The second week of December has a double dragon - air and water (spirit dragon for week one). This is a powerful time of change, mastery and milestone as we work our way through the chaos in our life and find the lessons, order and depth within our current and recent experiences.

The third week of December, brings our fourth dragon (out of six cards since week one), the fire dragon propels us into change, but also action as we leap over obstacles, find a way to make something work and keep striving forward. There is potential for great movement this week.

The final week of December shows us that we are ready to make our move and to build our courage so we can face the fear of the unknown. This is a great time to reach out, communicate our vision and create a proactive plan moving forward into 2024.

The theme energy for December is focused around nature and life is calling us forward now. Let’s listen to the message of life - and for some of this month we may find this voice within the shadows as we come to terms with the reality of our life, move out of the rut and choose life and honesty moving forward.

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NEW - Just opened!!! 12hr New Year's Eve Healing Event - Step towards the unknown with me. Let's journey together clearing the past, building our courage and finding the steps to be able to move forward into the unknown. Upcoming Event - via HD videos - AU99 | AU89 Members (USD65 | USD58 Members) - register:


New - just announced!! SOLSTIC GATHERING FOR MEMBERS - Fri 22 Dec - 2hr zoom event - Card Reading Meetup. More info here:


CARD READING CLUB - our next online session will take place on Fri 16th December and is focused around our theme: ‘wrapping up’. You can find out more details on the link below.


ONLINE ART CLASS - our next online art class will also be taking place on Fri 16th December. We’re continuing our ‘Self Discovery Series’ (5 part). This second one is themed around the element of ‘fire’. Come to some or all within this series. Details on this below.


VISIT MY STUDIO - you can visit my studio by appointment now, and I am also open to offering my healing and art services in person at Campbell Town, Tasmania. If you are visiting Tasmania in the future, let me know dates and we can tee up a gathering, event or private session to coincide with your visit at a time that suits us both.


- 28 Feb-4 Mar 2024 - Solo painting & sculptural exhibition: Initiation: into the unknown; Social Gallery, Salamanca Arts Centre, Hobart, Tasmania.


DATE KEEPER - Temple of Balance turns 20! - Feb 2025 - series of workshops, classes, retreats and events in Tasmania, and some online.


Happy final month of 2023!!

Thanks very much for your support,

Lee-Anne Peters


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