Message for December - sent with LOVE

Good day!!

Some of us have officially clocked over to December. It’s the first day of summer for us here in Australia and we’re having lovely long days and warm weather, mostly.

I trust this little monthly message finds you happy and well.


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November has sped past like all months this year. For some of us November contained great personal achievements, we decided to further commit to important aspects of our life and it saw a lot of things ‘happening’. Our ideas, projects and conversations started to materialize in November - which in many cases has been a pleasant experience. It’s like we’ve been eating the fruits from the harvest. In other words, after all of that time of nurturing, growing, building and creating we’re now enjoying the fruits of our labour and efforts.


I have laid out some cards for December - let’s see what they say…

The first week of December may require us to clear the air and stand our ground with a situation that may have become difficult for us. We’re being encouraged to find courage to take the action required to stand up for ourselves. There is also a strong emphasis around our life’s purpose this week, and some of us may feel closer and more aligned with it than we have for some time. This is an encouraging week.

The second week of December reminds us not to over think or spend unnecessary time dwelling on the nitty gritty details. Let’s remember to keep going - to keep moving. There is potentially a strong vocal and social energy coming in this week too.

In the third week of this month we may find it important to make time to ponder, reflect and get clear about what we want or where we want to go in life. This reflection time will help us grow our self confidence and self belief to proceed. There is a lot of action and movement energy around this week.

The final week of December shows a heightened state of sensitivity - especially when it comes to change. We’re being encouraged to make some adjustments if required. There are likely substantial changes happening at the moment around our life, physicality and body.

Our theme energy for December brings highlight to our special bonds and connections with important people to us in our life. These connections are unbreakable - even distance cannot sever these. We’re being reminded to stay focused on the task at hand during December. Let’s not allow distractions to take our attention away for too long. There is a lot to do this month and a lot of movement energy present to support this.

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Healing Energy Cards Update: All is on track. I am in serious testing mode until the end of Jan 2022.


Solo Ceramics Exhibition: in person (Tasmanians) this Saturday afternoon. See link below for details to attend. LIVE video stream walk-through on Sat at 4pm (Sydney time - GMT+11) on my Lee-Anne Peters Facebook page.


Solstice Gathering - online - Wed 22 Dec at 9am (Sydney time - GMT+11), so it may be Tues for you. This is a one-off, live, unrecorded gathering I host each solstice. It is as a way to connect and thank my Temple of Balance Patreons and Pillar of Light Family. All active members for December will receive the link to attend on Zoom. This time I’ll be hosting an online meditation circle. Details.


Online Art Class: Theme: Mystery. NEW time / day. Fri 10th Dec at 5pm (Sydney time - GMT+11). Link to this is below.


Thank you so much for your support and commitment to my work this year, I am extremely grateful that I can do and share this all with you.

Wishing you and your family a happy and healthy festive season (summer season for some of us), and may your journey into 2022 be inspiring and happy.

Much LOVE,

Lee-Anne Peters


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