Message for December - sent with LOVE

It’s December!!

What a speedy year it’s been with great highs and deep lows. I trust this message finds you well, and if it doesn’t, sending you lots of LOVE.

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November has been a fast-paced and at times hectic month. We’ve made many adjustments and found new understandings during November - which have been enriching to us very personally. We’ve found new tools to support us, reclaimed our personal power and are refining our truth and morals.

Now our focus turns to December. I’ve pulled a few cards for this new month - so let’s look and see what the guidance is (it’s a guide only)…

The first week of December will likely be productive and great for teamwork activities. We might find that we have to call upon our assertiveness, stand our ground and take action during this week.

The second week of this month reminds us to trust our intuition and use this skill to help us stay aligned and aware. We may need to remove our rose-coloured glasses this week so we can see how things really are.

During the third week of December LOVE will be hot - this may be connected with our LOVE relationships, self LOVE or a revived sense of LOVE for life. We’re encouraged to focus on our strengths in moving forward this week - rather than devoting too much negative attention to our ‘weaknesses’.

The last week of December looks to be quite intense as we face our shadows and allow heavy and stagnant parts of our life to transform into something more positive and uplifting. Some of us may be surprised this week by something which will change parts of the life and world that we’ve been comfortable with.

The theme for December is to make our move by trusting our instincts, and back up our words and thoughts with action for change. There are new beginnings strongly present too as we discover the courage to step into new beginnings - increasing our self confidence as we go.

Stay up-to-date with the current energy as it happens via my Current Energy Reports - coming to you every Monday during December. If you’d LOVE to learn more about becoming a Pillar of Light Family Member (or Patron) - please see the link below.

My Animal Kingdom Oracle Cards have landed in the hands of a couple of hundred people around the world. The feedback has been super and I personally love working with these new cards - they have a lovely and refreshing feel to them. I trust you’re enjoying yours.

This month we are continuing our learning theme in our Pillar of Light Family. This month we are exploring LIGHT CODES - what they are and looking at them for activation.

Sydney - next month - Cory and I are spending one day in Sydney on Wed 30 Jan, and we are hosting a public and ‘meet and greet’ event at Sydney Park (St Peters). There is an opportunity to book some one-on-one drumming time with me there for an exchange, and at 11.30am I’ll be facilitating a Cleansing Ceremony. You can find all of the details on the link below.

Our 2019 Tasmania Healing Retreat is soon to close for bookings. We are only just over 2 months away from this event. Please take action promptly if you are inspired to join us. More details on the link below.

Thanks for all of your support during November. I trust your journey through December and the rest of 2018 is abundant, honest and happy.

All my LOVE and gratitude,

Lee-Anne Peters


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