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Welcome to December!

Thanks for being here. I trust this message is helpful and finds you well. If you’d be interested in receiving this next time via email around the 1st of next month, please sub here:

What an intense month November has been for many of us. We’ve dealt with intensity across the board - like many parts of our life had been under the microscope - appearing large and burdensome. During the last week of the month some of us have been using focused effort and courage to shake those burdens off and let worn-out structures in our life crumble.

I’ve pulled some cards to help support and give us direction for the new month of December - so let’s see. (this is a guide only):

The first week of December is favourable for coming out of hiding and revealing your inner-most thoughts and feelings to yourself and others. Abundance and being in the physical flow is likely this first week. However an underlying sense of feeling lost or uncertain of the direction you’re taking in life may rise to the surface for assessment and release.

Moving into the second week and you may be drawn to be close to a body of water - sea, river, lake etc this will be to help you become clearer and decide upon what you feel is the best direction-wise for your next few weeks. There are changes in the home during week two - which may bring with it some temporary disruption. Writing, language and re-capping on fond memories will likely be important to you this week.

As you move into the third week of the month you may feel unsupported by others. It will be important to see this clearly for what it is, and avoid casting unnecessary expectations onto others - for example: waiting and expecting them to be there, when it may not be important to them. Recognise the support you do have. There is a whirlwind feeling for this week, so making some time to reconnect may be very important for you. This will put the brakes somewhat on this speeding energy coming through.

The last week of December is favourable for delegating chores and spreading the load a bit. Get a little organized to help things run a little smoother for you. You may feel sensitive and you’re being encouraged to do your best to go with the flow of the natural rhythm which is always present. An opportunity may arise for you to stand your ground and speak up with the truth from your heart. This will help clear the air as you prepare to embrace the New Year ahead.

Stay up-to-date with the current energy as it happens via my Current Energy Reports, coming to you twice weekly throughout December. You can learn more by signing up to be a Pillar of Light Family Member - please see the link below if you’re inspired to.

Thank you to our Temple of Balance Patrons who are able to support my work on a regular basis. You help me do what I do and I am so grateful.

Our next animal totem themed meditation via podcast and live video is on Tues 6th of December at 10am Sydney time (GMT+11) with a focus on Tiger as a totem. Please look up Temple of Balance on mixlr dot com if you’d like to participate.

This month we continue to share as they’re created: pendants, ceramic items, drums and I am personally working on my next book - more details to come in coming months.

Thanks for being you,

Have a beautiful and memorable December,

All my LOVE,

Lee-Anne Peters

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