Message for August - sent with LOVE

Welcome to August!

I trust you’ve had a great start to the month. Although we are still in the middle of winter here, the deciduous trees are showing signs of blossom, and we look forward to discovering what some of them are at our new abode.

I bring this message to you around the beginning of each month with some updates and what’s happening at Temple of Balance. I have pulled some cards for each week in August below.


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July was quite hectic and things that had been on hold (physically, and that we felt mentally unmotivated about) began to shift and open up. Working out the balance between everything we have going on has been important - and then just when we think we have the balance, something shifts and a balance adjustment is required. This is a constant - feeling for balance. It is a state of flux and depends on so many factors for us to be attentive to. In July some of us achieved personal things that we’d not even thought possible. In many ways, we are really stepping up to our responsibilities and capabilities.


I have laid out some cards for August - let’s see what they say…

The first week of August reminds us to keep moving forward and stay focused on what is priority and of the utmost importance. It may be easy for us to ‘lose ourselves’ to the details that are not important. This feels like a good week to look at our finances and be observant about what we need to do in this area. The stop sign may be held up for some of us, encouraging us to hold onto our finances for the most part.

During the second week of this month we may experience a peaceful and loving opening of the heart. This is a great time to reconnect with our heart and what we really want moving forward. There is strong energy around starting things - especially things that may stir a vulnerability and sensitivity within us. Let’s connect and then proceed.

The third week of August brings highlight to ‘options’. Let’s consider the options, potentials and opportunities that lay before us, as well as the ones we want to pursue. We can trust in our intuition and what feels right, as well as what stirs a curiosity within us.

Balance is very strong for the last week of August. This balance is especially highlighted around relationships and purpose. Things may seem ‘black and white’ at times this week, so let’s see which side of the fence we sit on, but also consider if things are really that ‘clear cut’. Polarity and duality (separation) may be strong this week. This is to prompt us into inner harmony and not let polarities affect our own balance.

The theme energy for August is focused around contemplation, prayer and meditation to help us listen more to our intuition and what we need to do. There is a general feeling here around being distracted, so we may need to be fully attentive and focused on what is important to us.

If you’d LOVE me to do a video reading for you for the upcoming month ahead (September), please have a look on my patreon website - link below.

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HEALING ENERGY CARDS UPDATE - Healing Energy Cards (original) and Healing Energy Cards 2 (new - stand alone expansion): All is on track. Adjustments and refinements have been made. We’re not in a position to consider printing on them right now (early August), my plan is to proceed with another printing / shipping quote in September and see what the status is.


Artist Residency - for this month I am the artist in residence at AirSpace, 79 High st, Oatlands, Tasmania. I will be painting from there in a shop front for a few days a week. To see my schedule, please keep an eye on my Lee-Anne Peters Facebook page. I will absolutely be there for these events: Heritage Festival Sat 13 & 14 Aug (10am - 4pm), and my Exhibition Sat 27 Aug (10am - 6pm) and Sun 28 Aug (10am - 3pm) - last day!


CARD READING CLUB - our next online session will take place on Fri 19th Aug and starts at 9am (Syd time). In this session we focus on our theme exploring trust, and trust issues. Details are on my website link below.


ONLINE ART CLASS  - our next online art class / art therapy session / deep healing event will also be taking place on Fri 19th Aug from 5-7pm (Syd time). In this class we will be exploring the third eye chakra and creating an artwork around it. Details are on my website link below.


CERAMICS - My ceramics creating is on hold at the moment. I do still have quite a bit of ceramic items on my website (link below). You can also browse some of my pieces on exhibition at Cradle Mountain Gallery (see below).


TASMANIA SOLO EXHIBITION - The Wild Raptors of Tasmania - is a solo art exhibition, and for the first time it features my visual arts - painting, and sculptural ceramics too. This exhibition focuses on three of our wild raptors - the Wedge-Tail Eagle, Peregrine Falcon and Masked Owl. It’s on now at the Wilderness Gallery at Cradle Mountain, and will remain open through till 7th September.


Much LOVE,

Lee-Anne Peters


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