Message for August

Hi there,

I trust you’re having a wonderful day and if you’re not, I trust you feel a little comfort and support from this message to you.

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July has been an interesting month of reassessment, reprioritizing and getting our act into gear. Some of us saw serious things manifest, and things we’d been concerned about as we started the month may be mostly sorted out now. We enjoyed time off, breakthrough, disappointment, healing and dreams coming true. As we move into the new month many of us are just feeling grateful to have survived.

I’ve laid out some cards for August now - let’s see. Remember this is a guide only.

Here we go… during the first week in August we will likely feel inspired to move in a new direction - take a redirection. This may not be a complete upturn, but more of a refined and efficient path we choose. There is action and movement present this week as we are inspired to close old doors and allow new doors to open now.

During week two of the month we’re being encouraged to find a way - to carve out a path for ourselves - especially with something that we almost deem as impossible. Let’s work together with others, come together for a common purpose and make a plan. This is likely to be a productive and motivated week.

The third week of August brings a strong pull in our heart. Our heart strings may make beautiful sounds, as moments - precious moments, touch our heart deeply. This will likely be connected with an ‘ah-ha’ moment - when the penny drops and we see the bigger picture of something we may have been struggling to understand.

The final week of August brings focus around our closest relationships and perhaps a need to consider breathing life back into stale connections. We may benefit from dropping our guard, being honest and revealing the truth through our vulnerability. There is abundance present this week as some of us may have extra money or resources, and be in quite good flow.

We’re in for a powerful month, as one of the theme cards is the water dragon. This brings highlight to our inner ocean and diving into new emotional and creative depths. There is a feeling of emotional and creative freedom - an ocean with no restrictions - this is something to enjoy when we feel the surge. We’re also being reminded that EVERY DAY in August holds potential for us to start something new, take a risk and follow our heart. Every day presents it - every moment the sun rises we have been granted another day, another day with potential to build our confidence and embark on new adventures.

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Have yourself an abundant August,

Much LOVE always,

Lee-Anne Peters


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