Message for April - sent with LOVE

Welcome to April!

As we all are well aware - this year is flying by as fast as ever - which may make it even more important for us to stay proactive and maintain our balance through the ups and downs we are walking through.

I bring this message to you around the beginning of each month with some updates and what’s happening at Temple of Balance. I also pull some cards for each week in April below.


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March has been full of surprise situations and happenings. In several instances we may have been called into roles and experiences that were brand new to us. Even though we may not have certain specific skills for what were called to be, other skills we have learned from life have been valuable for us to access. Many of us walked through a ‘rite of passage’ - an initiation-type doorway that is carrying us into our brand new life and self. There is no turning back, for we are amidst irrevocable change.


I have laid out some cards for April - let’s see what they say…

The first week of April likely brings with it harmony, balance and a connection with music. There are great structural and foundational situations at play this week, and these likely connect with creating a more substantial sense of purpose and meaning in our life, for the long term.

During the second week of April many of us will be ready to springboard ourselves, and our life, to the next level. There may be a need to look deeper in relationships or important connections with others this week - especially if dealing with something legal. We may need to ask questions or seek further information - with this we can then decide if we want to proceed or not.

In the third week of April we will likely have an opportunity to look at and clear issues we’ve been keeping private. This may require a willingness to let go. There is also an assertive energy in the air this week, so we may be required to stand our ground, clear the air or speak up.

The final week of this month brings opportunities, and potential options. There are many pathways opening up before us and we may find we have choices. There may be an opportunity to be spontaneous, take a break, or step away from our everyday setting to gain a new perspective.

The theme energy for this month is around changes in the home, waiting and preparation time. There are also close bonds long established with people we care for who are not with us right now (because of distance or they may be in spirit). We are connected and that connection is unbreakable.

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HEALING ENERGY CARDS UPDATE - Healing Energy Cards (original) and Healing Energy Cards 2 (new - stand alone expansion): All is on track. Adjustments and refinements have been made. Now we wait for movement around our own personal changes occurring over these coming few months. The deck’s release will also be based on the world situation. At this stage, the release is more likely to be after September.


CARD READING CLUB - Our next session is on the 15th April, and will be focused around ‘Theme Cards.’ See the link to register and join in live below.


ONLINE ART CLASS - The next art class is coming up later on Fri 15th April, and is focused around the Solar Plexus Chakra (centre for personal power, strength and courage). Link to register is below.


CERAMICS - I am winding down on the ceramics front for at least a couple of months. There will be no new pieces made during this time.


SUPPORTIVE SERVICES - temporarily closed - All one-on-one Supportive Services on my website are currently closed. This includes; email readings, Spirit Guide Drawings, Intuitive Healing sessions etc… I intend to get these back up and open in May, or it may be June. I will open them again as soon as I can. Supportive resources, services and events via Patreon remain open during this time.


May your April be wonderful, honest and supportive,

Much LOVE,

Lee-Anne Peters


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  • Wow Leanne my husband passedTuesday I felt him. Smelled him. Tonight’s cards did speak to me like no other time. Very comforting for myself and my boys. Hospice was hear to help us take care and be with him when he passed. I too am going to charge into this week also. I can honestly say you can’t inspired me to night!! Ty 💖💖💖

    Coleen Karas

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