Message for April - sent with LOVE

Here we are again…. one month is speeding into the next and the next, I trust you are finding some time to stop, savour and smell the roses.

Happy new month to you!

Cory and I spent ten days camping in nature in March. It was refreshing, reviving and relaxing. I trust you have had some good things occur for you recently too.


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March has been an interesting month of deep inner movement and change. It’s been a great time to make progress with our personal healing, contemplate and implement new things into our life, and get a few problematic things sorted out. There have been deep surges of inspiration for some of us, and a desire to seriously create an improved life for ourselves - perhaps a life which is less stressful and hectic.


I’ve laid out some cards for April, so let’s see what they are and how they may fit into the month as it unfolds.

The first week of April looks like a great opportunity for us to look at and break negative habits and patterns that are deeply ingrained within us. This is a great week to look at any addictions or unhealthy habits we are practicing. If possible this is also a favourable week to slip into nature, and listen to what life has to offer us.

By the second week of April we may need to seriously consider taking a mental break - especially if things are piling up and overwhelm has kicked in. Things may not be as they appear in our physical world this week - deep changes are happening, however it may not be exactly as we are being told on the surface. We’re being urged to look deeper, explore, or seek out further information.

Week three of April is potentially a calmer week. We’re being encouraged to be patient, observe and find some time to settle ourselves and ground. Nature time may be important for some of us.

By the last week of this month some of us will be moving in a new direction - this is a direction we didn’t even see coming at the start of April. We can trust in the new direction that is opening up. It may even be one that pushes us into unknown territory and into opportunities that will help us come out of hiding - a part of who we are wants to emerge from behind closed doors.

Our theme for April will likely be around our family and our sensitivity. Some of us may find that our family commitments and activities are heightened this month. Also, we’re being encouraged to pay attention, listen to how we feel and ‘feel our way forward’ during April.

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Coming up: my next Online Art Class will likely happen on the 10th of April. Details and registrations are open, please see link below. No art experience is necessary, and this time we will be creating a piece of artwork around ‘emotional healing.’


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Ceramic Update: I am at the beginnings of a make phase. New pieces coming around the 16th of April.


Art Talismans were uploaded to my site last month. I am currently in the process of creating a few more. These should be ready next week. Some of my best illustrations from my card decks can now be worn and embodied further. These are light, colourful and great to wear. Link is below.


New Healing Energy Cards update: I am still working on these behind the scenes, and currently have about 20 x new artworks to do to replace old illustrations from the original deck. We’re still at least five months away from finishing. It is a slow process and one that requires consistent effort and patience. I will let you know when it’s getting closer to completion. In the meantime, know that I am doing what I can, when I can behind the scenes.


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May your April be steady, inspiring and harmonious,

Much LOVE,

Lee-Anne Peters


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