Message for April - sent with LOVE

Welcome to April!

Well, March will go down in the history books, no doubt, as many of us had life as we knew it completely change. I’ll share more about this below, but for now I just wanted to offer you my LOVE and support, and I trust you are feeling good today.

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For many months we’ve been preparing for what March has been. When we stop and think back - we’ve been in preparation mode for months - if not years for some of us. There has been rapid change like we’ve not seen in our lifetimes, and now, here we are in our cocoons - our healing caves, figuring it out, dealing with one day at a time and doing our best to survive

I’ve laid out my cards for April - let’s see what they say. Please remember this is a guide only. Keep an eye out on my facebook pages, and YouTube channel for regular cards throughout the month. Links can be found below.

The first week in April brings highlight to a new direction we may feel inspired to explore and ultimately walk. For those of us feeling this new ‘pull’ in our life, may begin to get clearer about the steps we want to take with this. There is also deep cleansing and purging energy coming through this week.

Week two of April sees a quiet energy present - where patience, waiting and pondering may be required. Alongside waiting some of us may have some shadowy / fear-based energy rise up for healing. This is a strong and potent week for healing, shadow exploring and quiet time.

The third week of April inspires us to feel deeply - especially in our loving connections and relationships. This can be with a lover, however there is a general sense of strong connection coming in between ourselves and others. We may see eye-to-eye on a matter and be in deep feeling this week.

The last week of April brings a revival of sorts. This is especially a revival in feeling and the new depths we want to experience in the new life we are preparing to step into. Our creativity may be ripe this week, and we’re also being encouraged to stop and count our blessings - for there is a lot we can be grateful for. This week feels to bring relief.

The theme for April is to keep ourselves and others protected. Our boundaries may require enforcing and truth will reign supreme this month. April offers us a shift in perception and truth. We will be forced, but also naturally see things in new ways and from new angles this month. This will fascinate some of us - frighten others - and ultimately point us towards a clearer truth.

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Most days, for over two weeks now, I have been sharing live videos on my facebook page. These offer healing, support, strength, calm and whatever inspires me at the time. If you would like to view any, or see the new ones I will do in the coming days and weeks - you can find a link to my facebook videos below.

My ceramics kiln was unloaded with new wares last week. There are now new smudge bowls, cups, brooches and sculptures. If you’re inspired to browse these, please see my ceramics website link below.

Next week, on Wednesday the 8th of April I am hosting my 3rd x 12hr Healing Marathon. These are quite incredible events, and this one especially seems very timely. Join in on the day, or later at your convenience. It is being delivered via private HD YouTube videos throughout the healing event focus. To learn more or register, please see the link below.

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Thank you to all Patrons and Pillar of Light Members for your regular support.

May your journey through April be gentle, healthy and supportive.

Much LOVE,

Lee-Anne Peters


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