Message for April - sent with LOVE

Happy April!

I trust you’re feeling balanced and well, and if you’re not, then I trust you feel some support from this message of LOVE to you.

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March left no stone unturned as we dealt with ancient wounds, experienced brand new emotions and underwent our own very personal activation and energetic upgrade.

April has already started with a bang - as we are hot on the heels of a full moon, experienced a shift in season / equinox and a general sense of being in a time warp. I’ve pulled some cards for each week of April, as well as looking at the theme energy - so let’s see what the cards predict…

The first week of April reminds us to stay focused and hold our stance on something important to our heart. Other people may not get our intentions or motives right now - and this is okay. This will also be an important week of reflection, looking within and working out how to maintain, or make adjustments, so we can keep our balance.

In the second week of April we see a sense of personal accomplishment as we recognize how far we’ve progressed in recent months and years. Some of us will be experiencing changes around our home as we prepare for a shift and understand that our time of waiting will soon be over.

When we get into the third week of April meetings and gatherings with others of like-mind may be important. On one hand though we may enjoy gatherings, but on the other hand enjoy our privacy - we feel very selective this week as we privately explore our shadow side, ground, mend, heal and contemplate our role as leader.

The last week of April is one of support and learning. We’re being reassured to know that we are loved and find some comfort in this. This week some of us may contemplate learning something new, or taking on a more serious role as a teacher / leader in a field we are mastering.

The theme cards highlight creativity and developing our skills and talents, as well as much ‘heart joy’ this month. We may do well to remember to keep things simple and to stay in alignment with our loving heart - finding that song of joy that emerges from its depths.

Stay up-to-date with the current energy as it happens via my Current Energy Reports - coming to you weekly throughout April. We are celebrating our 4th birthday this week - so thank you all past and current Pillar of Light Family Members who have created it to be what it is today - a supportive, nourishing and inspiring space. If you’d LOVE to learn more about becoming a Pillar of Light Family Member - please see the link below.

Thank you to our Temple of Balance Patrons for April - I intend on focusing on your rewards over Wednesday and Thursday this week.

Our Online Drumming Circle for April will be happening this Wednesday the 4th. You can register for it on the link below, or automatically be a part of it if you are a Pillar of Light Family Member.

Our 2019 Tasmania Healing Retreat has opened for bookings we have between 4 and 8 spaces available - depending on room type people want. If this is something you may be inspired to participate in, please see the link below for more details or to secure your space with a deposit.

Wishing you a creative, simple and joyous April,

All my LOVE,

Lee-Anne Peters


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