Meditation and quieting your mind

Meditation is the practice of quieting the mind.

Meditation is the focus, and although there are traditional practices of meditation I find it simply a focal point. Anything can be used as a focus - a word being repeated, a constant beat of the drum, gazing with fixed vision on an object, concentrating on the rhythm of the breath etc... I’ve found many people over complicate meditation and think that certain body positions, routines and things should be in effect - however it doesn’t have to be that complicated.

[drawn by Lee-Anne Peters]

I’ve been sharing my own version of meditation for many years and have found that there are a few basic steps which help with the process.

  1. Create a nice and comfy space for you to relax in
  2. Move into a comfy body position - knowing that it is okay to move if needed during the meditation
  3. Bring your focus to your breathing - spend extra time here if you are feeling particularly stressed, have been over thinking or are under mental pressure
  4. Then you can go into the ‘body’ of the meditation - perhaps go on a quest, a journey, receive some energy, go into nature, imagine yourself somewhere, visit a spirit guide or loved one in spirit etc
  5. Once that ‘main’ time is up, then slowly start to become aware of your physical world again
  6. Wiggle your fingers and toes - focus on your breathing
  7. Open your eyes and have something light to drink or eat if you feel a bit light headed
  8. Write down what you felt or experienced in your journal for later reference

Seems quite simple doesn’t it? You can do this as you’re going to sleep at night, or find five or ten minutes during your day when you can. Waiting in line, or waiting anywhere can be a great time to just take some deep breaths and let your mind wander for a bit.

You can also go on a more specific meditation which you may find as a guided meditation, shamanic journey or other form. These can help you access guidance, new perspectives, inspirations, healing, opening your psychic capabilities and go on a journey for insight.

Browse my list of guided meditations

Some tips to help you quieten your over active thinking mind:

  • Using your imagination
  • Noticing the beauty around you
  • Taking some nice deep breaths
  • Choosing your thoughts
  • Repeat positive affirmations or words which you like
  • Listen to music
  • Practice something creative
  • Sing
  • Learn something new
  • Step outside
  • Practice gratitude
  • Exercise
  • Get physical - cook, clean, walk, laugh, play, converse
  • Write in your journal - to express how you feel
  • Anything else you enjoy

You may notice from the above list that there is an element of ‘distraction’ within them - as they work to distract away from your worrying or negative thoughts. The more you think about such thoughts, the more ‘fuel’ you feed them. To find something else to notice and invest your time and awareness into can really help. Have a go and see what works for you!


Much LOVE,
Lee-Anne Peters

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