Lee-Anne's Perspective - Tasmania Healing Retreat - March 2017

"I love the space of healing, nurturing, non-judgement love and healing that you both provide." Nicole

On the morning of Friday the 17th of March we collected our bright blue 5-seater hire car and our two guests from Hobart airport.

The day was breath-taking as we loaded / unloaded, collected spring water from Mount Wellington and did a little food shopping. It was a big day, and after a nice home cooked dinner we chatted and pulled some oracle cards focused around what we needed to know at the time. I found this a great way to kick start the retreat and allowed information and guidance to begin coming through.

Before going to bed we did a gentle drumming meditation and reflection to think about why we were at the retreat. We followed with another meditation to explore important numbers or number sequences personal to us.

[arriving at the Beach House at Kingston Beach, Tasmania.Sunset highlighting the splendid colours of the gum tree in our view.]


Saturday the 18th of March was a later start as we settled in, dealt with issues coming forward and became familiar with the environment. Some of us headed out to the Salamanca Market for a browse and some culture atmosphere.

Upon return some of us braved the cool Tasmanian waters for a swim / dip, followed by a fun game of Dixit before dinner.

After dinner we talked about our 'shadow side' and decided that once it became dark we would do a shadow dance. We worked a lot with our inner Warrior / nurturer to help us face and merge with our shadow side. It was extremely emotional as we embodied our shadow - felt its pain - released and nurtured it back into a space of healing.

On Sunday the 19th of March, with a nourishing start to our day, we created a sound healing space for our guests and bathed them in the sounds of the wind gong, chakra chimes and drums. This inspired me to a challenge - to pose the idea of writing our own Power Song as a group. I'd never done such a thing before, however was excited and very willing to see what might happen.

Our ladies were keen to give it a go, so we spent many hours on Sunday afternoon and into the night brainstorming, refining and singing our Power Song. With their permission I share it with you here:

Written by Nicole, Kathleen and Lee-Anne
Solar Father - fire in my heart,
Lunar Mother - life giving art.
Creation's Dance of ebb and flow,
Infused with LOVE from long ago.
We learned our song well, made some action / dance moves with it and then began to pull the lyrics apart. What did they mean to us? It sparked great conversation and healing.
[Our release day took us on a quest to the local Boronia Beach]

We woke to heavy rain on Monday 20th of March - which was our release day. We'd already done a lot of healing and release, so the build-up, although strong, was quite gentle. We had a late start to our release, which was perfect.

We all wrote down the issues - specific or general that we wanted to release today. Then we took a walk into a local place none of us had ever been before. We followed a narrow goat track across the land from the beach. It was important that we respect each other's space, remain silent and walk at our own pace to the place of release.

For me, I had our Power Song playing over and over in my heart and mind while I walked holding my paper of release and feeling the energy build.

[On the journey to our destination we passed a beautiful pair of wallabies.]


The 'goat track' opened up to a beautiful secluded beach called - Boronia Beach. What a site, my heart fluttered at it's presence - my eyes moved over to three big old pine trees growing together. They felt like 'guardians' of the land.

[The three guardian pine trees at Boronia Beach.]
[Another angle of the Pine trees.]


We made it. We had trees, caves, waves and rocks to explore. So we set out to connect with the place in our personal way as we prepared to release our paper to nature in a way and time that was appropriate.

[My paper for release sitting on a burnt piece of wood on the beach as I feel for the best way to personally release it.]


I walked around the rocks to a secluded and deep water channel flowing in between beautiful bright and yellow coloured rock. I prepared myself, felt the energy build and then threw my paper into the water with a loud scream! I then sat and watched as it rocked back and forth with the swell until it was soaked up and absorbed by the salty sea. I felt the release in my heart, mind and life. It was extremely liberating.

We all met back up once we'd done our release, and on the walk back we sung our Power Song (naturally).

[Liberated and refreshed we began our trek back to the Beach House.]


Afterwards we played with some clay and had a beautiful grounding and organic evening.

On day 5 it was Tuesday the 21st of March. We had our aura and chakra focus day. I shared everything I knew about the chakras, aura and the energy system. Then we did an aura and chakra drawing for ourselves. We noticed where we may have imbalances at present and then worked with colour to balance and restore our energy into a more heightened space.

[Aura & chakra drawing and healing]


To finish off our day we did a 'Heaven on Earth' reading with my Speed of Light Oracle Cards, and a relaxing meditation - which was somewhat unsettling for most of us - more energy was being stirred up.

The weather cleared up a little at the Beach House on the morning of Wednesday the 22nd. We talked about Power Animals and did a Shamanic Drumming Journey meditation to connect with ours.

Then we rugged up and drove to Mount Wellington for a nature walk to O'Grady's Falls. It was a drizzly and wet walk - but just beautiful. The dampness wasn't too much, and the scents of the forest so very healing. After so much rain the waterfall was packing quite a powerful punch!

[O'Grady's Falls, Mount Wellington, Tasmania]
[K & N at O'Grady's Falls, Mount Wellington, Tasmania]
 [K connecting with a beautiful tree, Mount Wellington, Tasmania]


After returning to the Beach House we each drew a picture of our Power Song, these were beautiful and special, sorry no photos, I forgot to take any O_o

"Came away needing (desperately) to find the heart of me. Received that and so much more." Kathleen

Thursday being our final full day, we packed, sorted and did some window shopping at some local shops. A couple of us walked the cliffs at the other side of the beach.

 [View from cliffs at Northern End of Kingston Beach, Tasmania]


Cory and I did some one-on-one healing with each of our ladies. We all set our goals and action steps for integrating real change and improvement into our lives. We ended the day and the retreat with a fun game of Dixit and Mysterium.

We went to bed early ready to spend a little time connecting with the sunrise on the beach for our final morning.

Everyone returned home on the Friday.

From my perspective this was a very deep, healing and meaningful retreat. The dynamics were brilliant which made for a beautiful smooth experience. We spent unplanned days at the Beach House, and we all worked with our intuition beautifully. The experience was memorable, life-changing and very personal. I am so proud of our ladies for being open to try such new things and step into uncharted territory to see what we could learn. Thank you for being a part of it!

Next retreat events are:


More dates to be announced for early 2018. Bookings open in April / May 2017.

Please read below for the written testimonials from our attendees,

All my LOVE,

Lee-Anne Peters


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Tasmania Healing Retreat Testimonials - 17-24 March 2017

"I love the space of healing, nurturing, non-judgement love and healing that you both provide. This in union with the land of Tasmania is a perfect setting for a retreat. I entered with no assumptions and will be leaving with a deeper understanding of myself. Even when challenged by activities that confronted me on so many levels, I was gently supported to embrace and process the journey to come out the other side truly grateful of achieving so much. The variety of activities was a great mix, the adventure during our outings was perfect. The food was nurturing and yummy. I thank-you both Lee-Anne and Cory for this opportunity to just 'be' and for the assistance to grow and heal. I experienced so many firsts on this trip, to create a song, to sing it and really celebrate the meaning was deep. To not set an alarm and wake as was needed. To not 'clock watch' throughout the stay was a much needed and appreciated privilege. To have company on a journey of deep change is fantastic. Thank you for facilitating something so special." Nicole Raps, VIC

"Came away needing (desperately) to find the heart of me. Received that and so much more. Tools and the confidence to keep returning to the parts of me that I've denied myself for so long. Compassion was encouraged at every step of the journey; something very much appreciated. I loved the location with its tranquil ocean frontage and the catering was relaxed and very nourishing (made with care and love).

It was my first opportunity to explore and experience incredibly healing drumming meditations, aura drawings, power animal meditations and creating our own 'creation's dance' song, dance and drawing also taught me so much about myself.

Tasmania in itself felt so ancient and wise. I reconnected with nature in ways I never thought of. I was encouraged to go with what I needed to do, at many stages. I felt comfortable and cared for, even when I was feeling discomfort as part of my issues rising up to be examined and learned from and released.

I am grateful to have had this opportunity to share time and space with you Lee-Anne and Cory, and also my very special retreat company, Nicole." Kathleen SARA, VIC


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