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Join me and have some FUN with my 'in-creation' Healing Energy Cards (revised original), and Healing Energy Cards 2 - stand alone expansion... deck refining phase...
This interactive reading is open to anyone who wants to play!
All you need to do is take a deep breath and trust the first number/s you are drawn to below (you can pick more than one):
2 - 12 - 22 - 32 - 42 - 52 - 62
Write your choice/s on this post, then look down in the body of this post to find the link to the card you chose.
Your real-life feedback about your choice is helpful for me as I refine these decks ready for printing.
When creating a deck of cards the most important part is this stage - of refinement and serious testing.
I trust your selection/s resonate and support you today.
Stay tuned for interactive readings coming up....
Lee-Anne Peters
- deck artist and creator ❤

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  • 12, 32 & 62 so perfect at this time!

    Tanyalee Cosgrove

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