How to use Oracle Cards!

I’ve been asked to share some info on how to use oracle cards, so here you go! I trust this is a helpful resource for you.
Firstly, a little background about me and my connection with oracle style cards. I used to read tarot cards from the age of 14. At the time, there was no such thing as ‘oracle cards’, however my tarot reading experience helped me when I started using my first deck of oracle cards.
I remember the buzz in the spiritual community about these ‘oracle cards’. I think I purchased my first deck in 2001. Then I used them and a few other oracle decks together for readings which I preformed for others at local shops, from home and at psychic expos.
In 2011 I released my first illustrated and authored deck of oracle cards (Temple of balance oracle - now discontinued). This started a whole new era with my reading for me , because suddenly I was reading from cards that I illustrated and created - which was extra special.
Skipping ahead to now, I have released another two decks of oracle cards called ‘Speed of Light Oracle’ and 'Animal Kingdom Oracle Cards'. I do many readings a year for myself and others, however primarily I like to encourage people to read from their own oracle cards. And that’s what this article is about!
So let’s get into it....
Think of oracle cards as ‘signs in a box’ - they usually work with the law of attraction - in that like attracts like. So with that in mind, you’re always going to draw the card/s that you need in that very moment. It will be no accident you get repeat cards, or a card which drops from your deck also turns up in your reading. This is the nature of the oracle cards - and I personally find them a great tool for self healing and guidance for life.
Everyone works with their deck in different ways - however let me share with you what I do....
1. When I open a brand new deck I like to get to know the cards and connect with them all individually. I do that by slowly looking through the deck. I notice the cards which stand out in a lovely or not so lovely way.
2. Unless the deck has been hand packed by the creator, the cards came straight out of a factory. So I like to lay my cards face down on the floor or table and ‘break them up’. Moving them, unclumping them and just restacking them in an ‘out-of-order’ manner - or in ‘my order’.
3. Now I get shuffling. I shuffle a lot, calling on my spiritual teachers and helpers, as well as the energy of the deck to help me present accurate and clear readings for myself and others.
4. If there is a guidebook with the deck, it’s usually at this stage that I flick through it and get to know the author, and hopefully artist’s intention with the deck and any other key features unique to these cards.
Doing your first reading....
Sounds daunting? Not at all. Be confident and have some fun. Think of whatever comes up as a perspective - perhaps a new angle to see something in your life or even as a confirmation that you are on track.
When I do my first reading with a new deck of cards I have already followed the above steps, and then;
(1) shuffle the deck, and in my mind I ask the cards to please show me anything I need to know. I also think of the amount of cards I will select, in this case three.
(2) stop shuffling when you feel like it.
(3) I like to split my (face down) deck into two, and then place the bottom pile onto the top. This is how I’ve always done my readings since my Tarot days in school. Always pick your cards the way you always have, even with other decks.
(4) with your cards sitting in a pile in front of you face down, begin to take the first card from the top and place it slightly to the left (keeping it face down), and then a second card on the right of it, and a third on the right of that one.
(5) turn your cards over. You may like to do it one at a time, or all at once and then read from them.
Now your card/s are turned over it’s time to read them.
Most oracle cards have a number, title and keywords on the card, with an illustration too. A well designed deck should see all of these connected together. Study these things first and what stands out for you. Notice any ‘ahha’ moments you experience as you read or see things. And jot some notes on this in your journal (it’s great to look back on what came up in your reading sometimes).
If you want to, you can also find that specific card in your deck’s guidebook for more information. Although it is suggested not to rely on the guidebook, it can be a great way to get to know the depth of your cards from the creators perspective.
Out of those three cards, they may all make spot-on sense to you right now in your life! Or, you may only have one which kind-of makes sense, and others leave a question mark. This is natural. And I personally find that there are some decks I am excited to add to my collection only to find them not resonate with me for reading. So usually I will put that deck aside and focus on using the deck which really speaks to me at the time. I find I LOVE certain decks at certain times.
The best way to get to know your cards and improve your reading skills is to practice. And the best person to practice on is you!
Have fun getting to know your deck and yourself further through using your oracle cards!
Thanks for reading, if you find this useful please let me know and share with your like-minded friends.

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