How do I get started again? Creating....

The simplest way to get started again... is to start!

Sometimes we need to prepare ourselves, get ready, do research etc, however ultimately it is as simple as just getting started.

If we aren't sure how to start, or what we are doing, then we may be unsure about beginning.... so creating a plan, a sketch or exploring an idea in a journal, art diary or in a conversation can be a great way to reboot ourselves.

If there are a lot of things we could be starting and we just don't know which thing to do... then I suggest you start with what inspires you the most!

If you could imagine yourself doing / creating anything at all right now - would would you LOVE it to be?

Make time....

This is how I keep my energy flowing.....

There is no time to waste...

What can you do to move towards your desires today?

All my LOVE,

Lee-Anne Peters


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