Healing Energy Cards - celebrating 10yrs this month!

A short, yet long ten years ago I released my first deck of Healing Energy Cards. At that time they consisted of 32 x cards (now 55), had square corners, did not come in a box and were individually hand packed by me.

Their release coincided with a potent, and quite tragic time in our family, which ultimately saw me choosing a new life path for myself. So I got to put these cards to good use for the rest of 2008.

In 2011 those first 500 decks sold out, and I worked on their upgrade and expanding the deck to 55 x cards.

With incredible support in 2012, I won the people's choice award Suncorp Bank was offering, which meant I had five thousand dollars to help offset printing costs - so as a thank you for votes I dropped the retail price on those thousand decks, and sold out in just 2 yrs. Considering they have been created independently and are only sold via my events and website - this is a great achievement.

We're currently on the third print run, and have about 2,500 decks being used worldwide.

These cards are different from any other I have used. They offer perspective, healing insight and even energetic assistance for our personal journey - although a lot of professionals use them with clients as well.

I have heard so many stories of the impact these cards have had over the years - and often opening the deck with tingling hands is just the beginning.

To celebrate their birthday this month I have reduced the deck to AU$20 (approx US15) plus shipping for this month only. Explore this sale here if you like.

I intend to use these cards a lot during my guidance videos for June - you can keep up to date with these here.

I've released a limited range of HEC Art Pendants featuring some of your favourite artwork from the cards. Available now

Stay tuned for more exciting things revolving around my Healing Energy Cards this month. I will keep this blog updated.

Please share your personal stories, experience and favourite cards from this deck.

Thank you,

Lee-Anne Peters

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  • Lovely cards, how can I buy the Speedof Light Oracle cards please


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