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I’ve been journal writing since the moment I began my spiritual journey - so that’s about seventeen years of dedication. My journal has been such a valuable tool that I even travel with it. Over the years it has helped me work out how I feel, put words to my feelings, understand my journey, explore my spiritual interests and it is a safe place for me to release any hurt I am carrying at the time. My journal is not particularly neat. It has doodles, scribbles, thoughts and discoveries throughout it.

I’m inspired to write this blog to help those of you who struggle to know where to start with journal writing and help you see that it really is not that complicated.

This is what I do, it may work for you, it may not – trust what feels right for you.


How to start journal writing:

Find yourself a journal. If you are more digitally minded – you may be happy to write in a word doc on your computer or device. For me, I like to work with paper and a pen, so I use notebooks, exercise books or specific journal diaries.

Prepare to start writing….

I always put the day of the week, the time and the date with year at the top before I open up and write. I also make a small note at the top of the page if the day is important - if I am away at the time.

As an example: the top of my page, before I write the core of my entry will look something like this: Tues 30 May 2017 at 12.40pm. At art gallery.

I’ve found time and time again that recording these things will help when looking back over your journal.

Start the writing…

Let it out… write down what you’ve been doing, how you feel, what upset you, your thoughts, plans, goals, ideas etc… there is nothing out of bounds in your journal. It is like having a conversation with someone who doesn’t judge you, but is more like a sounding board.

If I don’t know where to start I will just describe how my last couple of days have been, and then either finish up or let myself open up into something else.

How you feel and how much time you have will depend on how long you write for.

There are also some specialty things you can write in your journal like:

  • Details of card readings you’ve done for yourself
  • Meditation experiences and feelings
  • Dream memories
  • Plans or goals for your future
  • Projects you’re developing


How often should you write?

You can write in your journal as often as you feel the need.

I write in mine a couple of times a week on average. It would be rare for me to go two weeks not writing something. When I’m going through a healing time and am trying to understand how I feel and what’s going on for me, I may write in it a couple of times a day.

When should you write in your journal?

When you want to work through things, get something off your chest, understand why you feel a certain way or just to express yourself. Trust the urge, and remember that tool is there for you.

Keeping your journal safe is essential. If you even think that someone is peering in it, then you will not feel comfortable to open up, and you must feel this way in your journal. I know my journal is not looked in around my home and I take steps not to leave it out in the open just for my own peace of mind.

Not only have I found journal writing helps me release and explore things in the moment, it has also been great to reflect upon and see how far I’ve come on my journey. It’s also been a great reference when writing my books because I can go straight back to how I felt at the time.

So what are you waiting for? Get started on you journal today and see if it helps you support yourself and explore the depths of who you are.

All my LOVE,


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Lee-Anne Peters is an artist, self published author, speaker and founder of Temple of Balance. Lee-Anne is passionate about helping others follow their own passions and to experience real balance in their life. She does this by being a practicing and living example of what she teaches, and encouraging others to discover what works for them. Lee-Anne resides in Tasmania, Australia with her husband and two teenage children.

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