Embodying Warrior Power

Over the years of embracing my self-healing journey and spiritual awakening I've entered what I thought to be 'warrior' mode many times... however I see that I actually only really fully embodied my 'warrior' power twice during my adult life.

Let me explain...

Last weekend I participated in a Sacred stance through the Maori voice workshop hosted by Matiu. I learned and experienced many impactful and deeply connecting things during this afternoon - however right now - as I have been digesting and processing my experience I am touched by the warrior energy I felt.

In preparation for the Haka - Matiu taught us a Maori warrior stance and how our face is really important for this. We were encouraged to wear large intimidating eyes and an angry up-turned mouth! We walked around the room with others practicing and embodying this state. As we walked past other workshop attendees we were urged to make eye contact, show our teeth, make noises and hold our warrior stance. We were encouraged to drop our 'nice person' attitude and be warriors.

To begin with this was quite hard for me - I didn't realise what a 'nice girl' persona I embodied. Large eyes, warrior style walking - yes I had that okay I thought - but the mouth - I had no idea what I was doing. I made warrior eye contact with others who were looking bad-ass - but me I had no idea how to wipe the smile from my face!

In probably very 'un-Maori' style I decided to push my lips together tightly - I dropped my 'nice girl' attitude and my automatic desire to smile - I was told a lot when I was younger that I looked like I was about to cry if I wasn't smiling - I even had a line of freckles down from my eyes which looked like tears (apparently) - even though I felt fine - so from then I painted on a smile - I hadn't realised till that moment in the workshop.

During the last moments of walking the room embodying my Warrior, with my tightly squeezed mouth I felt I was in it - I was getting somewhere. Then we lined up to learn a basic Haka - a wave of emotion hit me - I was touched. The actions, song and embodying my Warrior Power during the Haka was so empowering for me. It left an impact.

So since then - these past five days - I have been processing the experience - and it's left me thinking - when have I actually fully been in my Warrior Power in my life?

When have I stood up, protected myself, my family and pushed through with what I needed to do? I've only had to twice and I call these two experiences when I had to be 'cold'. I had to turn off all of my sensitivity, 'nice girl' persona and do what I had to do to protect myself and others.

These were times of great personal change in my life.

As I reflect back on those times, I see that I was actually fully in my Warrior Power.I had to be 'cold' in some ways so I could follow through and make the change - I had no softness, I had to be hard, direct and clear. I had to hold in my power and truth. Otherwise I would have softened and not followed through with the change - which was necessary at the time.

I realise that I don't need to physically call on my Warrior Power often - it is a rare time in my life when I need it, but I see that it's okay - it is healthy and sometimes necessary.

I feel ready for when my Warrior Power calls me into action in my life. In the meantime I will make an effort to continue to embody it through dance, facial expression and song to remind myself that I am powerful, worthy and stand strong in my skin, my truth and doing my best in my life. I AM A WARRIOR - when I have to be.

There's nothing like the Maori Haka to ignite the Warrior inside - to watch it is incredible, but to participate in it takes it to a whole new level!

Heart-felt thank you to Matiu for sharing and inspiring me.

Do you recall times in your life where you had to be a Warrior? How was the experience for you?

All my LOVE,

Lee-Anne Peters

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  • What a potent and inspirational experience and thank you for sharing
    I am going to journal on this as I have been in warrior mode more times than I can count – survival in a corporate mans world – pushing through so many obstacles and in my personal life getting up and leaving toxic relationship more than 3 times – hectic . I want to do a haka ceremony too and lie on the floor and have the drumming circle to integrate the energy!!!! Love ❤️

    Carol White

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