Current Energy Report Snippet - 9 December 2016

As our body regenerates itself - healing ailments, reforming new structures within itself and peeling back old skin to reveal the new skin underneath it may be taking its toll at times this week on our physical body. We can resist it if we wish, however sometimes our body just takes priority and everything else just has to wait while we tend to our body’s needs. Some moments it takes incredible effort just to move, and other moments we feel light and limber. Our mind and observations may find it hard to accept these strange swirls of energy ups and downs, yet we have to do our best to flow with it - no need for excuses or reasoning - it’s just how we feel right now, and that is a good enough reason.... CONTINUE by becoming a part of our Pillar of Light Family - SEE HERE 

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- TOB Radio - on-air guidance (with Cicada Meditation) - returns 14 Feb 2017

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Lee-Anne Peters
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