Current Energy Report Snippet - 9:9:9

It can be tricky to see our life and ourselves through grateful eyes - and it is something which builds and grows through practice. As we start by simply appreciating waking up today, for breathing, food and shelter - we can start expanding that observation into more specific things, people and moments. If we are full-on excited about what’s next, there is a sense of rush, a sense of anticipation for the future. If we can switch that to genuinely appreciating what has presented itself and the validation we have received - and being really at peace with that being ‘enough’ to fulfill us - then we automatically allow our energy to step back from being future focused and become more content in the power of the moment. What unfolds will be what unfolds - to help us align with our powerful opportunities to come, is to be present in the magical and miracle filled moments... CONTINUE by becoming a part of our Pillar of Light Family - SEE HERE

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