- 16 April 2018 - By Lee-Anne Peters -
Some of us continue to soar above the storm like an eagle - feeling connected, at peace and supportive for those who are being battered by the relentless storms. These storms are hitting one after the other - just when we thought things couldn’t get any ‘worse’ - wham - another one hits. Many of us are being hit with shock news after shock news - and in some moments it seems like our legs have gone out from under us as we crumble to the ground. In other moments we’re keeping it together and are working on our coping strategy.... Plus information on mindset shift, why the contrast, do we have a choice, breakthrough, what to do and much more..... LOTS MORE TO READ when you become a part of our Pillar of Light Family SEE HERE -- (only AU10 p/m - or approx USD7 p/m)
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