- 9 April 2018 - By Lee-Anne Peters -
The current energy is quite primal and powerful. Some of us are very caught up in the intensity of this energy, and others are working with it in ways which are seeing areas of our life elevate. So there seem to be ‘two camps’ at this time - some ‘trapped in the potency’ or others ‘elevating through the potency’. This doesn’t mean any parties are doing something right or wrong - it just means that there is a line, and we may be walking on one side or on the other for now. The ones in the creative power of this energy will become the anchor points for those still muddling their way through the density. We can work together on this... Plus information on riding the turbulent waves, welcoming our 'new normal', communication, primal energy and much more...... LOTS MORE TO READ when you become a part of our Pillar of Light Family SEE HERE -- (only AU10 p/m - or approx USD7 p/m)
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