- 15th January 2018 - By Lee-Anne Peters -
This is a time of deep and intimate awakening. And even though we may be scrambling to find good quality time for ourselves - we sense it is coming, and that we are preparing for it. We are juggling a lot at this time which means that some things are waiting in the pipeline - those of us working with to-do lists may have quite the backlog, as we do what we can manage in our moments, with the tasks of highest priority. We will get to those things waiting eventually.... Plus information on awakening, new space of balance, bumpy roads with stop signs, time scramble and much more...... LOTS MORE TO READ when you become a part of our Pillar of Light Family SEE HERE -- (only AU10 p/m - or approx USD7 p/m)
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 - Online Drumming Circle - private video streaming - coming on 7th March.
- guided Meditation - True Clear Being
- Healing event with guidance - private video streaming - coming in February.
- Daily support in our closed fb group.
- Weekly detailed Current Energy Reports emailed.
- Learning, connecting further with personal truth, support & more...
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  • I love what I read and you say :) its a comfort to no I’m not alone :) to breath listen to breath and trust :) by true to thyself :)

    Shelley rodgers

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