- 27 February 2017 - By Lee-Anne Peters -
What a huge shift many of us have experienced in these past days. Some of us entered the weekend needing to rest, recoup and adjust to recent big changes we’d experienced. We planned, prepared, tended to our obligations and enjoyed new moments too. We may have sensed that Monday would be ACTION day... and here we are, standing tall in our power and assertiveness - ready to GO! We are armed, painted for ‘battle’ and ready to ROAR!
The green light has turned on - we passed the gauntlet and are quickly soaring forward and into our obstacles, new ideas and life. Our stubborn assertiveness is kicking into gear and we.... CONTINUE by becoming a part of our Pillar of Light Family - on SALE to celebrate 12yrs of Temple of Balance - ends Tuesday - SEE HERE 

Coming to you since 2007.
New family are always welcome and you can learn more about it all at
Exclusive - resources available:
- Widening & deepening our Path Meditation - February - mp3
- Private live video stream for healing - Next stream: March, in closed fb group.
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