- 25 February 2017 - By Lee-Anne Peters -
What a monumental week we’ve just experienced. Many of us have been through many high’s but also many low’s - yet we pushed through, we mustered on and we held our focus. Some new things we adjusted surprisingly well to, and others were a bigger challenge than we thought they’d be. We had many surprises and reality checks this past week.
As we end the week many of us are feeling like the phoenix. We’re bursting through the ashes of our past and thrusting ourselves into new moments and experiences. Stepping through the ‘rubble’ and ‘ruins’ of our past has been tough to face, because in truth it means that we are facing ourselves and parts of who we are which we thought were A-Okay. We’re facing who we used to be and realising that this may not .... CONTINUE by becoming a part of our Pillar of Light Family - on SALE to celebrate 12yrs of Temple of Balance - ends Tuesday - SEE HERE 
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  • Hello Lee Anne. I am from México. Originally from Guadalajara city, now living in México city. I did not go to Your retreat, but life brought Me to realize of though truths to face. Your report is just what I’ve been trough, and Yes, soon I’ll be like the Fenix…Im passing through the process. Thank You Lee Anne, You are really accomplishing the mission You came this time for in Your actual life: Keep on growing up Your soul by helping others find their paths. Hugs and much Love to You. Nely.

    Nely Ortega

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