- 18 September 2017 - By Lee-Anne Peters -
This week heralded a time of rapid and deliberate transformation of our individualised being. We are not the same people we were only days ago for we have slipped to the darkest parts of our being, remembered who we truly are and have gained much wisdom and knowledge as a result. It hasn’t been an easy time for we’ve had to call forth the full power of our determination, we’ve dropped to the darkest moments we’ve experienced in a very long time and we’ve seen ‘ugly’ sides of ourselves we would prefer to long forget.
The journey through these darkened moments has been of immense liberation though as we freed ourselves from the snare of our shadow (illusion) and moved through a powerful portal bridging Heaven with Earth - thus we’re remembering our wholeness and True power.
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  • Hello Lee-Anne,just watched you live…I love your videos…even the ones when you can’t stop laughing!!?….I’m feeling as you said today: lonely… situation right now is waiting times….and it is getting into my nerves;I’m not me anymore….I need to know that at least I’m guided by the Universe and the angels are taking care of me…
    Living in a strange country trying to have a better life… I did in Australia…..Need words,need support.

  • Hey LeAnne.
    I miss your card readings!
    I hope lifes good!Thank you for
    all the lovely readings

    Liz Aseltine

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