- 11 September 2017 - By Lee-Anne Peters -
We are changing so very rapidly at this time that many of us are finding that words do not sufficiently and accurately describe how we feel and the truth of what we want to express. Not only are the words limiting the expression of our truth, we may find right now that others who we are trying to communicate to are listening in their old ways.
This can be quite frustrating when we have a room full of emotion and truth to express, yet words are just not enough. It can be frustrating when we feel for the best words we can find, yet they are not received in a way which we intended.
Our whole way of communicating is changing as we reside more from our hearts. We’re encouraged to be patient with ourselves as we learn to express and listen from a new place now. We may find a lot of misunderstandings in communication at this time as these old methods reveal their limitations, and the new methods find their new way.
Communication and expression is no longer just about reading or listening to a few words in the literal sense. Underneath every word is a plethora of feeling we are expressing as we speak or write - or that we are listening / feeling for as others communicate with us.
Can you not feel the myriad of emotion, truth and heart underneath each word I communicate with you here? They are only recognisable from the listening ear of your heart.
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