- 3rd July 2017 - By Lee-Anne Peters -
Some of us may feel like our body is the square peg which is trying to be squeezed into a round hole. There is a subliminal sense of discord as this intense time has stirred up much more than we could have imagined even one week ago.  This has thrown a lot of us into a time of intense healing and release. One moment we may battle with loneliness, then self doubt and then it escalates into a full scale mental choas containing quite negative and defeating elements. We’ve had to cut through the illusion and delusional spell we’d put ourselves under in the past and get to the core truth of who we are. This inner battle between our lower mind (ego - the voice of our hurt and pain) and our emotions has been grand. We may have felt a strong push / pull energy over the weekend - pushing us to think one way, and then pulling us to feel the opposite.....LOTS MORE TO READ when you become a part of our Pillar of Light Family SEE HERE -- (only AU10 p/m - or approx USD7 p/m)


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