- 29th May 2017 - By Lee-Anne Peters -
This weekend many of us stepped completely out of our comfort zone to try something new. We may shake with anxiety, we may tremble at the prospect of doing this new thing - yet our desire to prove something to ourselves, to step out of that comfortable zone and build our self confidence is stronger than our fear. And it’s this courage which will drive us forward through the difficult and confronting challenges to come. This is not life verses death - it is just something different that we have never wanted to do before. As we moved through the weekend our straight to the point honest words were still required. There’s no point fluffing around the edges.... KEEP READING by becoming a part of our Pillar of Light Family SEE HERE -- (only AU10 p/m - or approx USD7 p/m)
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- Detaching from Drama Healing Meditation - May - mp3
- Private live video healing event with guidance - next one - coming mid June. TBA.
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