Current Energy Report Snippet - 28 November 2016

Many of us experienced a shift in energy this weekend. The way we started the weekend was greatly different from how we finished. Our exhaustion began to lighten, the crumbled pieces of stone began to flake from our body and we began to feel happier inside - no longer with a pretend smile, but a real one! This is quite the accomplishment as we all congregate outside the tunnel we’ve been walking through and celebrate reaching the other side - we made it - we did it - we accomplished it!! What a sense of relief and lightness..... CONTINUE by becoming a part of our Pillar of Light Family - SEE HERE 

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  ~ Shadow Dancing Meditation - November mp3

~ TOB Radio - Tues 6th Dec - on-air guidance (with Dragon Meditation)

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Much LOVE,
Lee-Anne Peters
Temple of Balance


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