Current Energy Report Snippet - 27 June 2016

Our war paint is on, our camouflage gear too as we work out the best ways to ‘tackle’ the mountain before us. Some of us started the incline and may be realising that this is no mere mountain - it is the largest of the large! It seems huge, like most tasks we focus on right now seem gigantic too. Everything is amplified and magnified, like it’s under one huge magnifying glass.
Our problems seem giant, our challenges impossible and our fear burdensome. The question is though - is it really this huge? It seems to be now, however the truth of it is that it really isn’t as dire, life threatening and extreme as we may think. Even if we are not feeding into the drama playing out right now - the net of illusion has been cast so wide that it is sweeping many of us into it just by being a part of the collective. All we can do is ride it, learn from it, let go of what comes up from it and find our own gentle or assertive way through it... CONTINUE by becoming a part of our Pillar of Light Family - SEE HERE
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