Current Energy Report Snippet - 26 September 2016

We’re urged to face the raw and ‘dark’ sides of ourselves. The energy is confronting, it is challenging and intense - yet through it all there is incredible opportunity to deepen and refine our perspective and hone in on our truth. Our truth is moving from merely words and thoughts, and into every avenue and corner of our life. We cannot be the ones who speak it without living it anymore. It HAS to be our way of life. It is the reality which keeps us afloat during crumbling and chaotic times. It is our life raft, our safety net and the ocean upon which we swim and explore.... CONTINUE by becoming a part of our Pillar of Light Family - SEE HERE

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~ September Meditation mp3 - Grand Alignment Meditation

~ TOB Radio - Tues 27 September - on-air guidance

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Much LOVE,
Lee-Anne Peters
Temple of Balance



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  • The messages freely given by LeeAnne Peters are such an uplifting to my spirit. I am disable, I don’t get out a lot, mainly due to money situations and transportation issues. But, I look forward to her spiritual readings. I wish her and her family Love, Peace and Bountiful Blessings..Namaste?

    Belinda Milton,

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