Current Energy Report Snippet - 26 August 2016

Time has been warping a lot this week, and bringing forth a sense of disorientation. We may wake up from sleep totally unsure where we are for a moment, or which day it is. Moments are speeding into the next moment - all very characteristic of being within the net of illusion. At times we may want to stop - and put the brakes on so we don’t roll out of control at supersonic speed. Some of us feel like we’ve been pushed over the edge in a vehicle which has no brakes and is rolling down the hill in neutral. Down we go, charging downwards, losing control, finding it hard to focus and screaming like crazy! Before we get too far from the top of the hill, we may find it helpful not to run too wildly with the current illusionary energy.... CONTINUE by becoming a part of our Pillar of Light Family - SEE HERE

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