Current Energy Report Snippet - 25 November 2016


Some of us have crumbled this week - like old out-worn towers finally crumbling after eons of standing. The mortar which kept the bricks of this structure in place have been wearing quickly as of late. And not through any external factors of weather or things happening to us - but more from our own internal breaking down of parts of our life, ourselves, our attitude and our structures. The breakdown of such structures is difficult - we have to let our hold go of certain outcomes, attitudes, habits, insecurities and reactions we have very strongly. We’ve also had to face parts of ourselves which are uncomfortable, challenging and foundation forming. These are heavy, deeply embedded structures which make the foundation of our personality, our values and who we are. We build ourselves and our life on these structures, so for them to crumble right before our eyes, can seem devastating. It can be hard to know how to face or deal with them. It can feel like we’re losing ourselves - and in some ways we are..... CONTINUE by becoming a part of our Pillar of Light Family - SEE HERE 

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