Current Energy Report Snippet - 25 July 2016

Here we stand - at a fork in the road. Some of us are stopping and feeling for the best path to take - the left or the right! These sorts of choices arise from a highlighted space of duality - where the polarized based world further breaks down, and those forces trying to keep it in place scramble out of desperation to try and make things the way they used to be.
The towers of duality further crumble creating much instability, especially economically - which is what ‘they’ve’ created their reality to be focused around - the dollar, the profits, the banks and the markets. As this collapse occurs to their structural foundations we see more divide and conflict in the world. Those who rely on monstrous ‘profit’ don’t know what to do when it goes in the other direction and those reliant on the system begin to panic as fear rises.
The world is going through an unstable yet massively opportune time. More than ever we are seeing a rise in love, connection and the desire for peace. And so here we stand..... during one of the greatest changes in Earth’s story and it can potentially rattle us right to our very core. We may think of all of these sorts of things as being ‘out there’ - out in the world - however much of this is affecting us all in our own lives and bodies.
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