- 7 June 2021 - By Lee-Anne Peters -
During this time there is a deep emergence - where vulnerability is being exposed - even within those of us who are portrayed as quite strong and independent. The human vulnerability connected with maturity, loss, the unknown or being scared is quite revealing - to us, and those around us. To see someone we’ve viewed as strong and perhaps invincible our whole life - and to see them sad, ill or scared can be quite the eye-opener. The unknown can be a scary place to walk towards, however at the moment, it seems to be provoking ‘vulnerability’ within us - perhaps a sadness, a fear, or uncertainty which we cannot avoid or cover up. Even for those of us who manage this fragile state quite well, and quite privately, may find that we have to wear our heart and emotions on our sleeves at the moment. The question is - can we accept this raw human state where we find ourselves? Can we accept that we may feel exposed and perhaps weakened? Let’s remember that it takes a lot of strength to allow ourselves to be vulnerable. It can be beautiful to let ourselves be vulnerable....continue reading the full report, with more information on; remembering, nostalgia, past, activity, productivity, vulnerability, movement, change, activity status, physical, emotional, spiritual and mental statuses and much more..... LOTS MORE TO READ when you become a part of our Pillar of Light Family SEE HERE
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