Current Energy Report Snippet - 21 November 2016


As we started the weekend many of us felt disorientated, uncertain and direction-less. Suddenly we lost touch with feeling a sense of purpose in our day-to-day life. For some of us, something we’d been obligated to, finished, and we were left with a void to fill. For others of us we just felt unsure and unconfident in our actions.

This has been a temporary position, which is quite typical as it precedes a new clarity of purpose. This could be a larger sense of purpose - in regards to why we are here, or it could be the equally-as-valid smaller facets of purpose within our everyday life. It’s important that we don’t become too distraught by our lack of everyday direction at this time, and instead trust that something is happening behind the scenes, and to trust our urges to seek out opportunities..... CONTINUE by becoming a part of our Pillar of Light Family - SEE HERE 



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