Current Energy Report Snippet - 18 November 2016

The volcanic toxic ash energy has begun to thin out. It’s transferring into unrest within the depths of the Earth herself as she responds to the thickened toxic energy which has now reached her heart. She releases the pressure which presents quite physical changes to our planet and her structure.
We have to be ready with our surf board to ride the waves of release from under the Earth’s surface - the waves may rise up any moment - so we’d do our best to get on board there and then - and then the wave will subside and we’ll be left wondering what happened, and return our focus to what we were doing beforehand.
These waves will pop up to the surface of the earth upon which we stand in waves and fluctuations - affecting us all in different groups of moments. It may present itself as a long-winded and important phone conversation, a delay which causes brief panic - basically a surprise and random occurrence.... CONTINUE by becoming a part of our Pillar of Light Family - SEE HERE

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