- 9 March 2020 - By Lee-Anne Peters -

For some of us we’re may feel like we’re finally getting our feet on the ground again. Previously time was running away from us, things were piling up, our stress levels high and for some of us we wanted to pack it all in and retreat away to a private place. We’d had enough of the world, the stresses and pressures of life. However, in many ways it’s been the frustrations which have sparked a new revival within us. We’re taking steps to refocus, take charge of our schedule, and we’re making serious progress in ridding ourselves of negativity and outside influences...continue reading the full report, with more information on; putting brakes on time, stress, negativity, outside influences, travelling through the birth canal, new perspective, remembering, facing hidden monsters, activity status, physical, emotional and mental statuses and much more.... LOTS MORE TO READ when you become a part of our Pillar of Light Family SEE HERE

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  • Somehow we became misplaced on FaceBook. I’d been a follower for a long while. It is now 2020.
    I’m in Felton California and hoping to reconnect.

    Leatrice Dawn Uwaine Bachan

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